Jerry W. Bennet – Broward County Florida = $60,000 and counting

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With no help from Child Support Services for 10+ years(they said this man was “flying under the radar,” “nowhere to be found”) but I found him…. under MugshotsUSA! GREAT photos!! It’s good to see you looking so down and out. How does it feel to be without the things you need?

12 arrests, and apparently living on the streets now, I guess he is as low as he can go. Poor guy, huh?

Oh no, wait, he went that low when he abandoned a five year old and never cared. That five year old is now 22. I raised a fantastic kid. He might have done without at times, but he is solid in love and compassion. He might have even thrown you a dollar or two when you were on the corner panhandling.

So now, Mr. Jerry Wayne Bennett of Pompano Beach, FL, how do you expect to pay what you owe so my son can go to college? By living under a bridge? Far removed from your Pilot days at American, isn’t it? Too bad they didn’t step in sooner to garnish your wages back then.

By the way, there is a warrant out for your arrest. But throwing you in jail is just what you want when you need a bed and hot meal, I suppose. Even jail is too good for you.

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Does he have a drug problem or mental illness?

He does looks like he maybe drugged up on something, him being a deadbeat is probably a good thing …..

You stupid woman, you did it with your hand. The state probably revoked his pilot license because your child support claim. I’ll bet you are a big welfare queen also, so don’t speak of things you don’t know like work.

SO what makes you think your boy is college material?
Have you heard of grants, loans, etc?
You think your boy is entitled to a college education? Well, he’s not. He should take a job and go to college part time. Community college.

Hey Jack Ass: Karma is a bitch, so stop slamming a reasonable website or parents attempting to hold the other one legally accountable for providing support!

How about having some decency and getting your fat ass off the couch and do for yourself instead of being consumed by hurt and anger. Dumb ass bitch, no one forced you to open your legs. You should have thought twice about it. A woman knows what she is getting herself into when she does not protect herself. You know what? I feel more sorry for you than the poor man in the mugshot. Goes to show you will be an old fat lady still holding on to the same grudge. Your the only pathetic one. It really is disturbing that you rejoice over this poor man’s downfall. Go put your son through college and shut the hell up. Your a poor excuse of a human being. What a greatexample for your lovely son!!!!

I really do wish that these “dead beat men” get off their ass and fight the system and take away these kids from you money hungry ass bitches and make you fat hoes pay child support and see how it feels when your hauled off to jail when you simply miss a few payments.

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