Jesse D. Jones

Posted on : 08-12-2010 | By : funonetoo | In : Deadbeat Dads, Pennsylvania


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Jesse Jones is the biggest dead beat dad there is. He wasnt around when his kids were born, and he has like 6+ kids and all by different women. He pays NO support for any of his kids and he is also into young girls. He was 22 and got a 16yr old pregnant. He is now into his early 30’s and Has bought recently 3new cars and a new boat. He works full time and so does his live in girlfriend. He is not involved with his kids lives only two of them and its every other weekend. He is a lying pile of shit. He also has many STD’s. He is a male whore literally so be ware and dont fall for his bull shit lines. He cant even call his kids on their b-days! What a pile of shit! He should have no rights to any of his children and should be registered under megans law as a child preditor. He is nasty so ladies pass him by. Whats sad is this man can still have kids and keep doing this to other women. He should be court ordered to get fixed!

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