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This serial father, originally from Columbia, SC, puts on airs of being the perfect husband, father, and provider; he goes through life pulling the wool over people’s eyes so that others believe he is an upstanding citizen. But the ugly truth is this: In addition to his latest family – and, let’s face it: who knows how long that will last, given his track record – he has other children (teenagers) who he does not see and does not support, i.e. serial father. He hasn’t seen his older children in about two years, and he does not send them presents for birthdays or holidays; those children do not have even the basic necessities of life on a regular basis due to his persistent delinquency with child support payments. His child support payments are significantly in arrears. To stay one step ahead of the law, he changes jobs frequently so that his wages cannot be garnished for too long. He belongs in jail!!!

Joderick Cooper graduated from Southern Wesleyan University’s School of Business Management in 2004; he graduated from Richland Northeast High School in 1990.

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C’mon in the name of justice…. You are only telling one side of the story. Let’s look a little closer at the truth.

You say that he is a serial dad. He puts on an ACT that he is a perfect father, husband and provider. But what you fail to mention is that when he was working 3 jobs to take care of his family, the ex-wife had an affair and destroyed the marriage. What wasn’t that mentioned? Also after they divorced, the ex-wife made his life hell with trying to get and see his kids? Why? I am confused. He was not the one who had the affair.

You say that he has not seen his children in 2 years? Why not??? Well I will tell you. “Serial dad” lost his job in 2009 and was unemployed for 7 months. I did not realize attempting to find work equated to changing jobs to be one step ahead of the law and not pay child support. He has to find work somewhere, right? Because all that is important is getting that child support check right? I know you do not believe this, but people need a chance to get back on their feet to make sure things are in order. If we all could snap our fingers and pull money from the sky, then the world would simply be a beautiful place to live, huh? I am sure you have never fallen on hard times, right?

As far as not getting those children presents for birthdays or holidays, why not mention when he attempts to call and communicate with his children, the phone messages are ignored and never returned? However, the other parent calls to only find out when they will get paid……. What happened to a loving relationship for the children and the father?

Let me also mention that for whatever reason, the oldest teenager will not communicate with his father and says things like, “that is not my daddy”. Where did that come from? How can serial dad fix what has happened when he doesn’t know what is wrong? Oh yeah, remember when serial dad calls his phone messages are ignored and never returned.

So, there you have it. A little background into the “one side” of the story that was given. You know, times are hard for everyone. When something is owed, it should be paid accordingly. I agree with you. However, when you do things out of spite and expect to get positive results, you really get nothing in the end. All it takes is a phone call, letter, email, text etc to work out issues. This forum is not the place and it certainly does not bring the children and the father closer together. But I forgot, it is only about the money………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

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