Joe Dowling: deadbeat and con artist

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Joe Dowling, AKA: Joey, Joseph, Stormy(first names) AKA Dowling, Parks, Carson(last names) is a deadbeat and con artist.
He mainly feeds off women as a source of income, is well known for having more then one woman at a time to support him.
Will feed you every line of bull u can imagine, he has got to be the best liar/con out there, has a way of always making u believe him and feeling sorry for him.
Has been in and out of prison since age of 16.
Former residancies: Monterey, California, Denver Colorado and surrounding areas. Rapid City South Dakota(his mother lives there, she is known to hide him out from law, he is currently wanted by pennington county sherriff for theft, AGAIN.
He is 41, his main crimes he goes to prison for are drugs/dui, theft(he breaks into peoples homes that he gets to be friends with and steals valuables and guns)
He owes child support for 2 kids, has hidden from child support collection for 16 years, when they find him and attach his wages, he moves again. Now mainly works under the table to avoid paying.
He is currently married to Julia(in picture) He has her believing he pays his support each month and has totaly lied to her!!! It is assumed everything is in her name as child support office has lein put out for anything in his name.
His support payment is only 169 mo, yet he will buy stuff for himself before he will even think of paying it.
Avoid dating this guy…..he will screw you over and leave you flat broke when he is done using you, and same with your kids if you have any with him!

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Wow. sounds like the same guy I ran into 11 years ago…but as I read all these stories, i am realizing that a common denominator is “con artist” among other adjectives like, “ex-con” and “using women for money”….on and on and on!!!
i am sorry for you and your kids, as I am for my daughter. It has been such an uphill battle trying to work and support my daughter alone. Even the small amount of child support that is court ordered wouldn’t be sufficient, but it would sure help!! And need I say- THAT is in arrears by the thousands!
All these little angels say…”I bet my dad forgot about me..” it breaks my heart. But then, it’s probably for the better! I suspect “Santo (my deadbeat) will pop into her life, and find a way to weasle any money from her that she may have- like he’s done to so many other women ; so many times before me, and after me…..
All we can do is trust in the Lord….he will make things right at some point. It is the only peace i have with regard to this type atrocity !
God Bless our children and our homes…take good care of them….we are not alone.

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