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This story is a long and complex one so I’ll just bullet some of the highlights. I hope this will save someone else the headache and heartbreak he has visited on so many women AND children.

1) He goes by different names: Jay, Jayden, Jonathan Williams, etc, but his real name is John Laverne Penn

2) He has 10+ baby mothers because he is a sociopath, serial breeder who carries on multiple relationships and adamantly seeks to get women pregnant for him, then abandons the girlfriend/fiance and child

3) He is still currently married (he and his wife recently separated) and seeks out women to take care of him. He is probably living with another woman at this very moment

4) He lies about EVERYTHING. He does not have a clothing store, he does not own a barbershop, none of his children are deceased or gravely injured, his momma is alive and well, he is not at odds with his family, he does not have cancer. Basically, there is no reason for you to give him any kind of assistance (financial or otherwise)

5) His “loyalty” tattoo means just that, he’s loyal only to himself

6) He has an abusive past. Thankfully, I never got to that point with him, but he has hit women and threatened their lives

7) Do NOT let him drive your vehicle. He has a suspended license and probably several outstanding warrants for failing to pay child support

8) His credit is shot because of aforementioned child support delinquencies

9) He is sexually promiscuous and unsafe. We were engaged and I was pregnant with our son when I found out that he had been sexually active with no less than 9 other women simultaneously with our supposedly monogamous relationship (I was, he clearly wasn’t). Women from previous relationships with him have reported contracting chlamydia from him during their pregnancies.

10) He is really good at playing the victim and getting women to help him. He is very good looking, dresses well, and has game for days. DO NOT be fooled…he is not worth your time.

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Hello ladies, im here in support of all women who have came across this man. I have twin boys by him an he knows nothing of them, after i stopped supporting him finacially he disappered without a trace before i knew i was pregnant. my boys are a yr old an look identical to him. I have spoke with 7 of his babies mothers personally and they all say an feel the same way i do, he stopped seeing them after the support stopped an left them with a child. the one thing i think we all have in common besides our children is the fact that we are all from different states and here alone. We as women have deceided to take him down before he flea’s the state, We have been speaking with several radio personalities and final got our shot to expose him for the deadbeat he is………….. If you wish to learn more info or participate in the radio show please contact me via email @ I have spoke with alot of women with and without his children who are willing to share their experiences, all except a lady name rena, if u know her please inform her that this is a serious matter and we would love her feedback aswell!

WOW!!! I am actually blown away by this. I knew he was a liar (realized it a little too late) but this is crazy.

I pretty much have the same story as DASmomma.

Met him in GA around Nov of 08 things moved pretty fast, something told me it was too good to be true and it turned out it was.

I heard everything from his mom was sick, to his son being sick to his son and 2 brothers dying — oh and he also pulled the cancer card on me too. I never questioned anything about it because I thought “Who lies about this stuff?” Obviously he does. I just thought he was a good dude with a lot of problems. BOY WAS I WRONG!!!

Once I started to question him about hospital stuff, $ stuff and just things that didn’t add up in general that’s when it started to come apart. Unfortunately by this time I was already 3 months pregnant with our son trying to start the “family” that he wanted so badly.

He took me for a good ride though, I basically took care of him for a good while until everything became real clear, but by then it was too late.

He also gave me an STD while I was pregnant (luckily it was curable), which he denied ever having slept with anyone else and said that I must have been messing with other men, which wasn’t the truth, much like DASmomma I was the only faithful one in our relationship (if you would even go so far as to call it that).

I had the pleasure of talking to someone that called themselves his wife via text and they said that he had several other children (after I had already gotten away from him though). When asked about this person he avoided the subject.

I am really besides myself at how this dude took me and a lot of other women and used us. I would have never imagined that this would be a situation that I would be in, but here I am. I always thought I was smarter, well I am now.

He has never done anything for me (other than my beautiful baby boy) or for his son, he’s never even laid eyes on him. But Karma is a B**** and he’ll get his.


@Justice 4 All: What happened to the radio show? I contacted you about lending support if you needed it and I have yet to hear back from you. If this was a joke for you to just get more info about him, I just want you to know that I’m very disappointed in your handling of a very painful situation?

Like you said in your comment, we have something very precious in common…our children. I want my son to at least know his siblings and I am open to being in contact with any and all of the moms who share my story. Being united lends more credibility to each of our stories so that the next woman who may be trying to figure out if this is all made up or if he’s really someone to get away from, can feel confident that she’s not just dealing with a bunch of ‘bitter exes’ who are ‘out to get him’.

If you’re just a bit burnt out on it all, that’s ok too, we’ve all been there…especially when we started digging and realized the whole mess keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Just don’t give up, because I’m not going to. I’ve helped 3 women already get away from this guy. That’s 3 potential children as well who didn’t get brought down from heaven and into this drama. You have the potential to do a lot of good and I’m here to support you if you want to make it happen.


I feel the same way that you do, we all have something in common and I would also like for my son to know his siblings. If you would like to exchange info let me know and I will give you my contact info.


I’d love to keep in touch. You can email me at

My son will be 1 this June and his father has never seen him, nor is he making any type of effort to try.

I sought and I found smh. I am a 20 year old college student living in tn. I met John in Atlanta on my spring break. How crazy is it that out of my 5 friends he chooses me lol. Long story short we’ve been dating for about a year now. Something in me was just telling me all this stuff he was saying wasn’t true. Luckily I’m a bit smarter than most girls my age so I continued to do my thing down here. Plus i have horrible trust issues so i dont believe anything anybody says. I actually took him as a joke for a while. I figured he was just an older guy who wanted to feel young by talking to a young girl. I admit that I gained feelings for him started telling family and friends about him but since it was long distance I continued to live my life as I wanted. I’m nosey so I decided to look up his criminal records a few months ago then I found his facebook and actually came upon some women who were talking about him but they didn’t say his name so I wasn’t sure. I’ve seen him only 4 times in the time we’ve “been together” and that’s only cause I go to Atlanta a lot. he told me about his son jaden and he told about his clothing line, never said anything about cancer. Says he has a dead brother and one in the army who his mother stays with. I literally talk to him all day and night either phone or text but my intuition is a mutha so I figured there was something more to him. He told me he moved to Vegas for a while to work on his clothing line and I talked to him while he was there too. He’s took me on dates, to an apartment he’s met my mother and my friends. As i said I’m nosey so I goolgled the clothing line and actually seen him modeling some of the clothes. He said he wanted to marry me and wanted me to have his child and all that bs but that went threw one ear and out the other. To be honest I just liked the excitement of talking to someone older and out of state. He told me his name was Jonathan but told me the correct middle and last name but after I looked up his arrest records saw his real name and when I told him I knew it he tried to be slick lol. When I saw the women on fb talking they were saying something about 10 or more kids so I brought that up to, he thought it was a joke and said he didn’t have 10 he had 18. He’s actually suppose to be getting “us” an apartment on the 17th. This silly nigga really thought I was gone leave my school to move there and go to ga state. I can tell he is controlling by the way he gets mad at little things and stuff like that and i cant get jiggy with that i already have a crazy guy here so ive been planning to cut him off and get my number changed for some time now but something was telling me to Keep investigating. The last time i talked to him was yesterday morning cause we argued cause i told him i didnt love him foreal. His phone has been off all day today. Hes actually suppose to be coming down here cause his birthday is monday. Ill let yall know how it goes after i talk to him and expose his ass. I’ve been praying about this for a while now that god send me the truth and that he did. I’m very sorry that you guys were also a victim of his craziness. This man has a serious problem and I just pray that god has mercy on his soul. I’m not even mad about discovering this cause I figured something was up. I pray that your children get closure and are all able to come together. This should not happen to women but there are some very sick people out there. But it’s all in gods hands and he will handle it.

The more I think about it the more it pisses me off. Especially about the innocent children. I’m just gonna forget he ever exsisted. I’m really praying for y’all and your children. God bless

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