John McCafferty III aka Jmac aka Jmccaff aka Johnny Mac – DEADBEAT ON THE LOOSE

Posted on : 12-02-2011 | By : blaine87 | In : Alabama, Deadbeat Dads


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John McCafferty is the CRAPPIEST dad of all time. I heard he has 2 kids, 1 he bareley sees and the other he never met by his own choice [as a matter of fact John illegidly fled Pila and drove to FL the day his babys mom was going in labor] john owed soo much child support for his 1st kid i heard his new gf’s parents had to bail him out of jail bc he didnt pay, wow! he must be that scared of having to pay support he took off for the second kid. What a bitch. John is one of those people dat owes evrybody $$. He works under the table jobs or trys to scam the lottery just to get by. He suckers ppl in and then uses them til they get sick of him, must be nice to live off of the rest of the hard workin’ world. Bitch. STAY AWAY FROM THIS DEADBEAT! This man (child) needs to be castrated. this person would rather la de da with any girl then take care of either of his children. DEAD BEAT DAD. feel free to add any additional information below

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