Jonas W. Hamilton – Duncannon, PA – Liar, Cheater, Thief, Fraud, Deadbeat, Psychopath, Criminal

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Here’s a real piece of work for you.

This deadbeat is 35 years old and still lives with his parents. His dad faked an injury with the railroad many years ago and collects disability payments while he goes out to cut, split and stack firewood.

His mother is an absolute train wreck who can’t face the day without a stomach full of pills. She’s so bat shit insane, she tried collecting disability for a neck injury, and after being turned down multiple times, she purposely injured herself in order to get a claim and collect.

It’s no wonder their waste of sperm and egg for a son, Jonas W. Hamilton, hasn’t done anything worthy of honor and integrity in his life. No, he grew up stealing from his mother, father, siblings, “friends” and strangers. He particularly likes popping his mother’s pills and steals them from her frequently. One of the conveniences of living at home with mom and dad.

This deadbeat has ruined the lives of many girls. One of his ex-girlfriends was at a party drinking and called him for a ride. He was busy cheating on her at the time, and she found out, tried to drive home to confront him and died along the way.

Eventually, he lied to and misled another girl into his pants. Well, actually, he raped her when she fell asleep, which resulted in a pregnancy and child. The victim decided to try and tough it out, meanwhile he decided to repeatedly beat the shit out of her and her kids from a previous marriage. Since she wouldn’t sleep with him, he waited again until she was asleep, then raped her again resulting in a second pregnancy and child.

Eventually, the victim, through the help of the police, ended the years of terror upon her life and got the scumbag out of her home – but he stole absolutely everything when he was leaving – including her only vehicle which was full of the children’s christmas presents, her first 2 children’s home movies from when they were little just to hurt her, plus plenty of electronics and other things of value. Meanwhile, he destroyed mostly everything else in the house.

If that wasn’t enough, a few months later, his parents sued her for about $2500 which was loaned to HIM. They wrote a check with her name on it, he forged her name, took it to the bank and cashed it without her even knowing about the loan in the first place. Now, several months later, they decide to sue her for it. Nice people, right? During the lawsuit, he was already behind over $5000 in support payments.

The court ended up making her responsible for $1250 of the loan, so she paid it. Meanwhile, he falls behind over $6000 in support.

Domestic Relations finally decides to get on his ass and once he realizes he has no more options or excuses left, he decides to fake an injury and file for Social Security. So now he doesn’t have to incur any new charges on his $7000+ child support debt.

Keep in mind, during this entire time, he’s still allowed to see the kids on his regular weekends, often canceling at the very last minute, or if he did see them, he talked about burning her house down, shows them guns and swords and tells his kids he’s going to use them on their mother, threatened to kill their mother’s new boyfriend, and much more.

He’s also a sexual predator because he sexually molested two boys about 5 and 8 years old and got away with it because he threatened their lives if they ever told. Children and Youth talked to the boys and they were too scared to talk.

Currently, he’s nearly $10,000 behind in support – his Social Security claim was denied because they know he is full of shit, but now Domestic Relations has to give him 6 months for the appeal process. During that 6 months, they’re actually charging him again, although he doesn’t have to begin paying until after the 6 month appeal process ends.

This guy will do anything and everything he can to avoid being honorable and responsible.

Somehow he actually manipulated a girl in charge of Hempt Brothers in Camp Hill so now he has access to a beach house, a cabin, and plenty of money he never earned nor deserves. Christine Hempt (Murphy) – she was still technically married when they met – must be a real train wreck herself if she’s willing to put her company’s integrity at risk to be with such a career criminal and low life.

So, in the end…

LOL, what the fuck does responsibility, honor, integrity, decency, honesty or a positive influence have to do with life if you can just lie, cheat, and steal your way to the top?

Who wants to get fucked over next? How many times can someone get away with making false claims to several government agencies in the State of Pennsylvania to get cash assistance benefits? How many months or years can a citizen drain the taxpayers and the system of funding through fraudulently obtained cash assistance to support their chew, cigarette, booze, and drug habits while also buying you a new vehicle when they live under their parents roof? Why is it a crime to beat up the women in your life when you don’t agree with her rational way of thinking, especially if you’re a guy and 3 times their size? Isn’t America great? Where else can a total waste of sperm and egg live freely while fucking over so many people?

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And on top of all that… he’s really ugly!!

agreed… I wish this woman/women lots of luck

Shame this guy doesnt get to tell his side of the story. I dont believe any of this.

Note to all who read this: For a guy so bad the court awarded him split custody.

The gutless person who posted this should be arrested for deformation of character and be sued for posting false information that is not backed by any fact written affidavit.

Wow, Theotherside can’t possibly be serious. I actually had the displeasure of attending High School with this creep and it’s no surprise to find him on here. He’s always been the type you have to watch your back around. I knew his parents as well and the above description couldn’t be more accurate. In fact, there’s quite a lot to this guy that hasn’t been told here based on my memories of him.

Also, the courts in Perry County are a mess. This guy is a confidential informant though, so he gets preferential treatment with the judges, and that’s no closely guarded secret – everyone knows it. This guy can’t accept any responsibility for his actions, he’s as yellow bellied as they get. As I’ve already said, it’s no surprise to see any of the above claims, anyone who truly knows this creep knows it’s true and if you don’t then you’re just going to be the next victim.

As far as defamation is concerned, good luck there because in cases where the information serves a greater good, as in protecting others from being victimized by criminal acts, defamation should not apply.

If you suspect someone is a terrorist and you report it, how can you get arrested for that if they truly are? This guy falls into that category.

Talk to his brother Jim sometime and he’ll tell you the same thing, he doesn’t even talk to his brother much at all anymore he’s so disgusted with him.

I can’t say too much more because I still talk to some of his family so I don’t want to blow my cover, but seriously watch out for this guy, all of the above is certainly true and that’s really only the tip of the iceberg. Whoever posted this really kept a lot of information away.

And after seeing Jonas in at Tubby’s nightclub time and time again spending money on booze and taking home random women (he always cheats multiple times) you have to wonder why this guy can’t grow some balls, man up and support his children. He’s nothing but a coward who cries when he can’t manipulate his way out of you.

One small consolation though, the other night he ran his mouth at Tubby’s to the wrong people and got his ass kicked! Wish the victims could have seen it!

Actually, I know both this guy and his ex. The post is pretty accurate, the only thing that may be wrong is the amount of support that he owes… it is higher than $10,000 at the moment. He also has more than one GF at the moment. 3 that I know of, more that I don’t.

And, (to theotherside) he does not have split custody! He has every other weekend from Thursday to Monday. You should check your facts and get them straight. Or maybe ask him to see the court order to get the entire truth.

Before you believe the next lie he tells you, check every resource around such as his family, and I don’t mean his parents.

Better yet, why don’t you call one of his exes, I bet one of them could tell you the truth about everything!

So all of you tell me if the guys is so bad why is he not in jail? Why does he see his children more than on weekends now? and if he is an informant getting shitty people selling drugs and doing horrable things off the street I commend him! And as for fact’s i may be a little off but I think you all are way off! I think the court finally got sick of hearing all of his ex’s bullshit and saw right through it all and said man this guy is trying to do the right thing! And as far as I know I think the ex was the one who got caught cheating. Riding some dude while her four children was in the house and her husband was at work! Great mom and a wonderful wife. But wait a minute thats not mentioned in any of this is it. I think you are all nosey as shit and should leave this guy alone and you all should move on with your lives. And 1994 grad I feel bad for you if this guy finds out who you are! Im also guessing you work in the court system or have knowledge of some of perry county. And probably should have put a little more thought in your post because a creep who’s an informant taking care of trash on the streets and the court feels he is clean and trustworthy enough to use him. Is a creep i would want in my corner. If I had kids this guy would get an A in my book because he’s taking drugs off the street. WOW now that I think of it you people have a genuine hatred for a guy trying to do better in his life. Shame on all of you.

Theotherside, just like all the other victims, he has you completely fooled. Do you really think you’re his only girl? You’ve got to be kidding me. I can send you a list of names and numbers today and everyone of those girls will know him and he bedded some of them in the last 3 months. How often does he take you into the bar with him anyway? So you don’t see what goes on, and you have absolutely no idea, it’s clear by how you’re willing to defend him. Clearly you know nothing of him or who he really is. But that’s how he gets everyone, the one thing he is good at is manipulating people and the system and he will lie all the way till he gets his needs met.

Obviously you don’t truly know this guy, you didn’t have to spend your high school years with him.

You want to know why he’s a confidential informant? Because he fucked up one two many times and couldn’t take the heat. Now he can still do all the drugs he wants, with immunity. He’s not getting scum off the streets, he is the scum that figured out how to maintain his drug addictions while not facing jail time, and the only way to do that is to rat people out from time to time. I can send you some names and numbers of people he’s helped put in jail too.

Before you open up a serious can of worms, you should really consider taking a few moments to analyze the situation and ask yourself just how well you think you really know this guy. Why don’t you look up his criminal records once while you’re at it too.

I can’t comment on the victim mentioned above or anything because I don’t know her or the situation, but if you look up the court orders in cases he was in, you will see that he actually lost time with his children, so I don’t know who is lying to you about that, but the court order I found and viewed online with his name on it does not lie.

You’re seriously mistaken if you think this guy is trying to do better. I see him at the bar all the time still, manipulating women, sleeping around, getting his ass kicked for running his mouth to the wrong people, him and his mother are two alcohol and pill addicts and it’s only getting worse. You are in denial, a complete idiot, or completely fooled.

Tell you what. I’ll talk to some of the other victims and former graduates and some of his family members, and I’ll send them all here so you can hear it from them as well since you’re obviously biased or too closely connected to him to realize the obvious, painful truth.

In the meantime, very sorry about your luck, because you’re definitely already a victim.

94 please enlighten me but only with the facts. I dont know you from a whole in the wall and I do know jonas and have been “hanging” with him for a couple months now. Everything on here that is being said by all of you seems to be out of hatred. Not solid fact based arguments so if you could provide some facts like people who would be willing to save me from hurt that would be great. If not I think you should all leave the poor guy alone and move on with your lives.

Sorry for you all and


Sorry Theotherside, I’ve already said enough. I’m sure others can verify everything. You’ll just have to ask around. The truth will set you free, you just need to seek it out. You have a blueprint. Now do your own research and you will see. I have no hatred for this person, I just heard about this story here and decided to add my 2 cents because I have a few friends who were hurt, ripped off or cheated on by this guy and I was extremely surprised someone actually thought otherwise of him. You must not be from around Perry County or you’d never question any of it. Trust me, he is not the victim here, he made the bed he lies upon with years of B.S. and never wanting to work for anything or accept any responsibility, at the expense of others. It’s his life story. I’m sorry if you don’t like it, but sometimes life isn’t pretty. You’ll see him for who he is soon enough. He can’t go a day without telling a lie and it will catch up with him sooner or later.

I will research as much as I can hopefully our friendship will not be tested. But I do have to create my own opinion. One last question he does a friend he speaks a lot of named Jason hawkenberry I think? and he seems to be a real nice guy and nice to Jonas. And from what I know they have been friends a while. If Jonas is so bad why is jason being so nice to him?

All of the things said about this person are true. He goes through life using people until they get sick of him and then he goes on to new people. Ask the people that know him best. His parents will lie for him. Ask his ex wives, his brother and sister-in-law. NONE of them talk to him or want anything to do with him. WHY would that be? They know him best. Why do they not comment or going around talking about him? I don’t know. My guess would be that they have had enough and don’t want his drama in their lives and I can’t say its true but I have heard that he has threatened to kill them. He is unstable.

While true, there is another side to all situations; this is a “deadbead dad” site. If any of these guys were to take up thier moral obligations responsibly, there wouldn’t be all this negative stuff written..these guys deserve to lay in the beds they have so irresponsibly made! For heaven’s sake! There are little kids getting the shaft left and right all the time-little children that don’t deserve this legacy!!
As for me, I know how difficult it is to raise a child all by yourself, and it is not an easy task; however, I have taken responsibility for my own stupid mistakes…and even though sometimes, I can’t afford to buy new clothes for my daughter; we seem to make it all work out.
Until you have walked a day in the shoes of women (and men) who are in this single parent with no-help- from- the- other- parent- on- any- level…situation, you have little to say about these idiots. This guy wouldn’t have a post IF he was a respectable human being! This guy here sounds much like the same bio-father my daughter has…excluding all the rape…my only savings grace.

I would just like to go on the record and say. Jonas Hamilton is and awesome father to his children.

Hello, My name is Jen and I am a producer for a talk show in NYC. Please give me a call I am doing a show on deadbeat dads and would like to help you out. 347-974-1641.

Jonas W. Hamilton, 36, of Duncannon was charged with DUI, DUI high rate, unsafe U-turn, careless driving and not using low beams on Nov. 1 after an incident that occurred on Routes 11/15 at Meadow Grove Road at 2:32 a.m. Oct. 13. According to police, the vehicle was pulled over and Hamilton was found driving and intoxicated.

A 38-year-old Duncannon man was charged with rape and other offenses after state police said an adult female victim contacted them late last month to report a crime.

According to interviews with the 31-year-old victim and text messages she provided police, Jonas W. Hamilton forcibly raped her in a home in Wheatfield Township. Charging documents seem to indicate Hamilton and the victim were acquaintances, as the two agreed to meet at the home Jan. 26 and exchanged several text afterward.

While at the house, Hamilton asked the victim several times if she would have sex with him, but the victim refused, according to the documents. At some point, Hamilton pinned the victim to the bed and raped her, police said.

A text message exchange between the two provided by the victim shows that, when the victim texted Hamilton later that night before going to police to tell him to leave her alone, Hamilton replied, “Yeah, I feel pretty low right now,” before ending the message with “I’m sorry,” according to police.

Hamilton was charged with rape by forcible compulsion, rape by threat of forcible compulsion and sexual assault, all felonies, as well as three misdemeanor offenses: indecent assault by forcible compulsion, indecent assault without consent and unlawful restraint, charging documents indicate.

A judge ordered Hamilton held in Perry County Prison on $25,000 bail, which he had not posted as of Thursday, records state. He is scheduled to appear for a preliminary hearing Feb. 14.

Jonas Hamilton is accused of selling a vehicle belonging to a Perry County woman without her consent between Nov. 15, 2012 and Jan. 15, in the 900 block of New Bloomfield Road, Duncannon.

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