JONATHAN LAVERNE PENN ~ Don’t Waste Your Time Ladies!!!

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Long story short this man is a LYING, CHEATING, DECEITFUL person. Don’t believe anything that he tells you. He may go by J, Jay, John, Johnathan or Jayden, he’s from Detroit and has a gang of siblings.

-Have Cancer
-Have a dead or sick child
-Have any intention to do anything he says
-Have a job

He uses women and from what I have learned has about 12 or more children!!! He practices unsafe sex with various women and to top it all off he’s MARRIED!!!

I have a son with this loser and he has never even seen him (my son is over a year old) or done anything for him.

He’s very attractive with swag for days, but don’t be fooled. Don’t let him run game on you too.

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What can I say about John Laverne Penn that hasn’t already been said? Well, if you’re reading this blog, more than likely you’re intuition is telling you that something is up with this guy. Listen to it honey!

Jay (as I used to call him) is a liar and he will say anything to deny what he’s done and try to make the women he’s screwed over look like they are all just bitter exes who are trying to get back with him. Trust me, NO ONE who’s dealt with this dude wants him back. He’s a user of women and exploiter of emotions.

He does have many children, but claims just one (Jaden) who’s name he has tattooed on his arm. And recently I’ve heard from other females who are starting to come forward that he’s claimed that Jaden has either died, is deathly sick, or not even his. He will say ANYTHING to get money and sympathy out of you.

All of the children he has are because he begged each and every woman to have a child for him because he was ’so in love’ and ‘wanted a family’. This dude is a sociopath. He has no real regard for anyone else’s well-being but his own. Children are not sacred to him as he refuses to acknowledge or even take care of the ones he’s helped create. He will sucked you dry financially if you let him.

Once again, he does not have cancer. You’re probably wondering, who lies about this kind of stuff? Well, John does! Because something is seriously mentally wrong with him.

It won’t seem so at first when you start dealing with him. But as soon as you start asking too many questions, or pointing out inconsistencies in his backstory, or hey, bring up that you seen some stuff on the internet about him, he’ll deny it, try to turn the convo on you, and the next think you know, you’ll be apologizing for not trusting him or believing what he has to say.

He’s probably trying to get out of GA as I’m writing this. So, if he shows up anywhere in Michigan (Detroit, Romulus, etc) or Washington (Tacoma, Lacey) and is trying to run game on you out there, RUN girl. What he’s done to countless women is try to ruin their lives by being the emotional and financial vampire that he is. And he is ALWAYS looking for the next victim, regardless of whether he’s already in a relationship and living with someone else.

That car he’s driving…not his. The reason he can’t have you over to his place…because he lives with a female. Actually, he’s been so bold that he’s let his other ‘girlfriends’ drive the car he was borrowing, and so trifling that he’s brought women home to have sex with them in the same bed as his wife/live-in girlfriend.

If you’re dealing with him already, know this you are TOO GOOD for this P.O.S. Wanna contact me to find out more:

I have a son by him as well…who will turn 1 this June. He’s never seen him either and it’s not because I moved or changed my phone number. He’s a dog. Literally. He donates sperm and then moves on and pretends to forget the person and even his child. Sickening!

It’s so sad when they carry on like this, and it really is an illness, because anyone in their right frame of mind could never abandon something they help create. Sounds like my son’s crappy dad, he basically begged me to have a child by him & then did a 360

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