{{{{Jorge L. Estebanez}}}} A.K.A. Deadbeat POS!!

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My name is Jorge (goerge) and I am from Las Vegas , Nevada, and have relocated to O’fallon, Illinois.
I do absolutely NOTHING for my 13 year old daughter. I don’t call, write, send gifts for birthdays or any other holiday for that matter, even though her address and phone number have not changed in over a year. I am currently $22,000 behind in back child support, but I do NOT care whatsoever that my daughter may need some of that money for glasses, contacts , clothes, shoes, or even books for school. My wife, (that is 11 years younger than I and closer to my daughter’s age than mine) is my sole income provider because I do not want to take the chance of getting a job and the state garnish my check for child support. I would rather be unemployed and have someone else take care of me, because I am useless and the only thing I am good at is sperm donating and stealing from anyone including family members, friends, and even my employers.
I have 4 kids with 3 different women, and I keep my 2 sons away from their mom so I can use them as a sob story to get over on people. I am taking my son’s mom to court to fight for custody even though I have no job. Let’s face it, if I have them, I can get welfare or food stamps, even a tax deduction on my wife’s taxes.But if I really cared about them I would at least want their mom to see them right? But then again, I am whipped on my wife, or at least she thinks so, I probably have her brainwashed too!
Oh yeah! I think I am super smart, but in reality, I am so fucked, once IRS catches up to me, along with child support enforcement!!
I am such a winner!! See all you guys in lock up!!

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Lol ( Nicely done)” Another loser

update: $30,150 behind

Update: Jorge was arrested in Las Vegas on November 21, 5 counts burglary.


November 21, 2009

And yet another piece of crap

So you had children with this man why ? If he was unemployed and lacked charactor why did you have children with him ? Not saying him not supporting his children is right but you date a looser and think he’s goning to change. Come on now. These poor children suffer because of your stupidity

FYI, I had a child with this man. I do not make the same mistake twice!! More FYI, When I met this man he had a full time job with a well-known company. He promised to the end of his days that he would be there for his kid. He wasn’t acting like a loser until she was five and realized he could not do what it takes to be a parent. ( Like get along with the other parent) His philosophy is ” if I don’t have her when I want her, I wont pay”. My child doesn’t suffer, I make sure she has what she needs. But she would have better opportunities in her life if he would step up!! She has been raised by her step father since the age of four. It is sad that another man does that sob’s duty while taking care of his own children. NO EXCUSE for zero dollars!! 100, 50, 20, shoot, Ill take 10!!!

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