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This man is the definition of DEAD BEAT DAD. He has 3 beautiful children (from 3 different mothers) that he fails to take care of… He is technically unemployed but works for cash, so what little child support his children get comes from unemployment. He currently doesn’t see any of them because he is too busy with his life and getting high. While this man can be charming, funny, and witty…he only cares about himself and what he wants. He is a liar and will say anything to make himself look good. His current pick ups are getting women to think he loves his children so much, and that their mothers are keeping them from him to screw him out of all his money (he has none and lives with his parents, who pay for everything). He spends his time and money on a racecar….interesting that he can’t afford child support or find time to get a job, but has the time and money to race at Shawano Speedway on Saturdays. You can find him sitting at Phils Still, John’s Bar, Bigman’s Den, or Shawano Speedway. If you see him-BEWARE! Or feel free to get him a job!

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It looks to me like this man should be nominated for “Father of the Year” award. He looks so caring.

So he has a hobby – he likes cars and racing. Is that so wrong?

He is working under the table because the system forces him to. You went to the state and asked the state to enslave or crush the man you once loved.
Now how can the man make a living and feed your children?

I think you should call the man, apologize to him, and cancel the child support case. Maybe even reconcile and move in together, make peace, you know, if he agrees, you’ll be a lucky woman.

If that happens, you can send the money to CS and the money returns to you. Problem solved.

There is nothing wrong with having hobbies, as long as you are able to prioritize your live. Your children and their well being should always be a higher priority then a hobby.

As for reconciliation-he has been given ample opportunities to which his selfishness always prevails. Hopefully at some point he is able to face the poor choices he has made and chooses to be a better person…step up to the plate…and be a father- the father his children deserve.

As for your brilliant scenario of sending money to child support and having it returned- he was in fact offered such an arrangement and declined to cooperate.

On a side note, I am very lucky and blessed to have a wonderful child and to have been able to remove myself from said relationship :)

Thank you for the lovely insight!

That’s EXACTLY what my Dead Beat does!!!! Uses his fatherhood to pick up women!! What a common loser!

I don’t see why anyone would use a social media outlets like this to “air” ones problems. Only the uneducated and the self loathing would stoop to such means. If Stupidity got you into this mess, then why can’t it get you out?

Well then your comment just goes to show that you yourself are not of “higher intellect.” What is someone like you doing “trolling” websites like this anyway? Obviously this site has served its purpose if it got your attention.

In a world that revolves around technology and social media, outlets like this serve as the perfect means to bring attention to “Dead Beat Dads.”

As far as your reference to me being self loathing and uneducated, nice try. I am neither.

This sight is not about bringing attention to myself, but rather the individual being posted about. Let’s stay focused on that task…if you wish to attack me personally, thats why there is Facebook.

Excuse me, Higher_Intellect! You are obviously a deadbeat yourself or you wouldn’t be on this website.In fact,by your wording I would almost swear you are my daughter’s ex. By the way that $3.93 child support payment you made is laughable.

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