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My story is something out of an drama novel that women sit around and discuss in their monthly book club meetings. The situation still has me in a daze……………(I’m skipping parts its such a very long story)

I met my daughter’s father my freshman year the Fall of ‘06, I never thought years later we would end up together because I blew him off he was a football player and they have very bad reps. However at the end of 08 we started talking more and then it would by the summer of 09 develop into what I believed to be a relationship and he never said any different……………………. let me skip over all the details of the relationship and get straight to the drama at hand……………….

In December 09 after Southern played its last game of the season which we lost I got a text Sunday December 6,2009 that night asking me to come to the casino I never been at it was my man’s birthday after all so I got dressed and went….little would I know I would end up getting pregnant that night/morning……………..we had a pregnancy soon after that night I went to the doctor but it was soon to tell whether or not I was pregnant or not, but we never used a condom but I was on the patch so I really wasnt worried about getting pregnant or contracting any stds because we were supposed to be in a relationship and he wasnt supposed to be messing around… anyhow after the scare a few days later everything was back on track.. however I was supposed to return to the doctor so they could rerun the pregnancy test but I never showed up….anyway I ended up getting really sick stuck in the bathroom alot and I started loosing alot of weight but being pregnant never crossed my mind I never stop taking my birth control patches and when ur pregnant you gain not lose weight…………. anyway new years came and I was informed that he wasnt returning to school and that he was leaving to persue his dreams of playing in the NFL that really hurt, but people have to follow their dreams, but he promised he would come visit and that I would come to Texas.

Fastforward to Jan ‘10 we made plans for me to come visit him in McKinney, Tx everything was going well, we were talking more and texting constantly I felt like a school girl in love for the first time, I was all in class blushing hard………..that happiness would be short lived………. I’m not orginally from La so and I was basically living in two states at the same time traveling constantly and with school work and working back home in my parents billiards hall I was living a hetic life and out of an suitcase, but it didnt bother me……………… one day when I went to my apartment to back to leave to go back to Mississippi I noticed that I had gained alot of weight, I took a pregnancy test but I knew it would come back negative…….well it didnt I called the doctor went in asap and she said I was indeed pregnant I broke down crying because that couldnt be true………………….fastforward after I left the doctor I didnt tell anyone but my big sister and my bestfriend….. I knew I had to tell Juamorris sooner or later……………….. I decided to wait til I went to Texas to see him to tell him………………………..

The day I was leaving I asked him to come back to the room because I needed to tell him something important before I left…………… he was taken forever so I decided to leave a note, but after I left and went into the parking garage he had come back, we went back upstairs I was talking to my sister nervous and shaking and he was talking to someone on the phone when we entered the bedroom he sat on the bed, I stood up leaned against the dresser and announced that I was pregnant and that I was keeping he just sat there playing with his phone so I exited the room like a lady and left McKinney,Tx with a weight lifted off my shoulders so I thought………………….

I get a text saying that I trusted you, I cant believe you pregnant, your supposed to be on birth control, and then it went to I got pregnant on purpose because he was supposed to go pro, that was a serious low blow and I never wanted to have another child nor was I trying to have a baby because he could possible end up in the NFL, Southern isnt exactly an producer of NFL quality players nor do we get attention like that anyway things just got worse for there, when we did talk it was only through text messages… I remember him telling me that he didnt want his first born to be a mistake so he basically was telling me that I should have an abortion………………. I would later find out that I wasnt the only person carrying his child………………..

He told me he was still in Texas, and it was only God because my doctor ended up havig me come in early and while I was having my ultrasound performed finding out what we would be having little did I know that he was sitting in the waiting room with another female and he had saw me enter the back, I guess he thought I would be long gone by the time he came out the back, but I had to wait on paperwork and I saw this female coming out with a guy and like any female I was texting my sister informing of how trifiling looking some pregnant women become and how its no excuse and then my mouth dropped it was him with her, I couldnt believe it my body went numb however I remained a lady and never became all ghetto I wasnt raised that way. When I left to get on the elevator I called my sister and the other female was standing there and i was giving me sister a run down of what just happened and Juamorris was no where to be found he just disappered out of no where….. I tried to call him no answer so I texted him…………..he replied back to me : he knew what he was getting into with her and we where never in a relationship………..I couldnt believe what I was hearing……….. Im carrying his child and just like that he is like screw you I dont give a f**k about the child you are carrying or you……………. out of anger I went straight to facebook and posted let it all out I remember sayin Im pregnant for Juamorris Ladell Stewart and I just found out that another female is too…………………… well that isnt the icing on the cake we argued for months he never was a man of his word we never sat down and talked, he refused to take a DNA test prenatal even though he said he wanted a DNA test, he continued to lie and what I realized is that when people do wrong by others they will not be successful in life and he was released from the Arizona Cardinals and still isnt signed to other team……….. he claimed that he would be at the hospital when our daughter was born when I went into labor I called him over 5times he never answered the phone when I was preparing for my csection my sister and my moms and my aunt had all made it to the hospital before I gave my phone to my sister to take to the waiting room because I was about to go for surgery I recieved an text from him saying he busy at work and that I know what to do just push, he was so out of the loop I had told him constantly that I was having a csection that just how much he gave a damn he didnt care if his daughter or I lived or died.

Everyone else was concerned and my friend that was away he spent more time talking to Egypt while she was in the womb and he constantly checked on me, but her own father never once called or texted to see how my pregnancy was coming along or even after I gave birth you would think that he would have a) came to the hospital at some point or b) atleast call or text to see if she was okay however he did neither of those things………………………… however what did occur while my sister and friend were at the hospital visiting the baby I recieved a call from some female saying that she just wanted me to know that my daughter had a brother that was two months older than her (the details to the rest of that phone call or another story in itself to tell) she said that Juamorris hasnt done anything for their baby either and the convo went on but again a story for another day…………………

Here we are now Egypt is almost an month old, he has yet to see his daughter, take the DNA test he demanded be taken before he signs her birth certificate…. now the female who he was with at the doctor that day with her child is just two days older than my daughter and he was there when that child was born and never asked for a DNA test……… he has never asked if she needed anything nor has he done anything for her everything I her mother has provided, he hasnt paid for a diaper, wipe, formula, clothing nothing… and all I have asked is for a DNA test so he can be added to her birth certificate… but he could care less about doing the right thing or taken care of his daughter

What makes me so mad is that I was not involved with anyone else but him and I had no problem giving him a DNA test he refuses to take it and when I informed him that I was going to the court I wish I had enough time to post the vulgar evil text messages he sent me, basically he got stupid with me because I want him to do right by his child how ironic is that you were man enough to have sex you should be man enough to take care of your child………………….

So Juamorris Stewart has 3 children, while I was being faithful he was busy putting his dick in everything without an condem that is so nasty it makes me sick still to think about it still and he only is apart of one of his children lives what kind of man is that………..

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Wow, I almost cried while reading this! Stay strong honey! I feel so bad for some women, yes he will not succeed in life!

men are so nasty…. we all need to get together and write a book lol

@ entertainment thanks I’m doing my best to stay positive it just really sick to know that he doesn’t love our daughter and has no concern for her well being but he is there for his child with the female he said was just his friend that he has known since childhood, how does a person just pick one of his children and just say fuc the other two…. God don’t like ugly and what he is doing is wrong and while he is trying hurt me it’s our daughter that he is hurting

@good mama 2 yes you are so right we all should get together and write a book, it would remain on the new york times best selling list and be #1 worldwide, lol

homeboy was breakin’em off selling that NFL wife dream. lol

DEE DEE go to the courts and make his life a living H3ll, period. If they dont want to do it willfully, then make them do it courtfully, LOL. I know ur pain, and your story, but you women, need to be like Nike’s motto; “Just Do It!” Tax there A$$e$ thru the Court System

What a drama filled mess. You stated you didn’t want another child so that means you were in high school and had already had one child didn’t you learn your lesson? Why on earth would you continue to be sexually active if you had alkready had 1 child while being in high school. What a waste….and to think of all the women in the world that are unable to have children and your popn them out like a baby factory. You got what you asked for…I don’t feel sorry for one bit…Keep your legs closed didn’t your parents teach you that? and after already having one child wow…stay in school get educated get a life and by all means keep your fucking legs close for fucks sake…you brought it on yourself.

@wendy good morning how are you doing on this fine day? Oh I’m doing just great ma’m! Do you feel better expressing yourself and trying to tell me what to do with my life? Get your facts straight and please don’t speculate on things you do not know. I was not in high school when I had my first child. I had already graduated with honors and well into my college education. Secondly I will be graduating from undergrad in May of this coming year and will be attending graduate school starting the summer following my graduation and also in between the time I will be studying abroad in Africa…. My daughters are well taken care of…I own my home….I work for a living full time as well as being a full time student..my oldest daughter attends dance school, plays soccer year round, as well as cheers for a cheer squad during football season, she also attends private school which I pay for. Once my youngest turns three she will be engaged in the same activities as my oldest. Children are a blessing from God and I am carrying my burdens in life and making a better life for myself and my children. I also recently opened my own cupcake business which will be launching next year .. So please don’t try to belittle me sweetheart it will not work and I’m not the one. You can hide behind your comments on a computer screen but you are not living my life…and as far as my parents are concerned I come from an upper middle class family, traveled to different countries growing up, recieved the best education money could buy…I have never wanted for anything….I have always been blessed. Those who are never I stomp under my feet so they can see the Christain Louboutin’s I do proudly walk in with my head held high!!! Oh and I do give back to my community being that I am apart of many organizations…. Now you have a good day and direct your negative energy in another direction.

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