Just Another Deadbeat Dad!!!

Posted on : 18-08-2011 | By : tnj | In : Alabama, Deadbeat Dads



His name is Stephen Stanley and he currently lives in Hartford, Alabama. Stephen only has ONE child, a daughter! Not only has he not seen his only child in about 4 years, but according to CSE he currently owes $24,000 in child support. He is trying to get on disability (not sure why). He lives with his young girlfriend. She has 2 sons in which he takes care of!!!!!!!!!!! He never calls, writes, buys my daughter anything…..NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you look him up on Facebook you will see that NOT only is he not disabled, but you will see pics of him riding horses and enjoying vacations at Wild Adventures Theme Park in Valdosta Ga. He also brags about buying horses and dogs!!!
I had Stephen put in jail a few years ago for child abandonment and shortly after that my daughter was in a terrible car accident. Her only request was for me to help him get out of jail, so they could have a relationship. That was 4 years ago and nothing has changed.
STAY AWAY LADIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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