Just Another deadbeat: Dundalk, Md Anthony(tony) Covino Jr

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My son is the his first born and his only child. When G-little man was born Feb 13 2009, Tony was so excited. He made so many promises to love ,take care of and always be around for his son, Tony wanted to teach his son the things his father never did for him, Tony told the whole family both sides that he was going to be different.He said he would never be like his father and abandon his child. In court he admitted to paternity so child support was issued , it was a measly $200.00 a month , (my other son’s father pays $700.00 a month and he does pay.) But everything only lasted a day when Tony decided to choose his current girlfriend , and his partying over his son, He has only paid $10.00 in child support and now owes 7,000 dollars for child support, Tony is currently wanted by Carroll county were his son and I reside for non support. Tony has only seen his son a handful of times since his birth. His mother keeps telling me that he loves kids and she don’t know why he is doing this, and my responds every time yeah he loves everyone’s Else’s kids but his own. This deadbeat works under the table in construction so he don’t have to pay, he tells everyone he pays child support and that he sees and loves his son, his license are suspended so the courts can’t take them, he has put all bills and everything into his girlfriends name so he can’t be located, when child support calls him he moves & changes his number so he don’t have to pay c/s. If you are looking for a really good LOSER deadbeat dad this is your guy. the photo is blurry because it’s the only one i kept, i burned the rest.. Tony you can run all you need to but just don’t trip and fall because I will be right there when you do!!!!!

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I would post him on deadbbeats411.com

Thanks sickofit but I dont have to , I had someone contact me after they saw this and he was found.

Thank you crappy dads

Update: Mr. Piece of Sh*t dad writes a check to the court system for $2500.00 and the court system let him go , then a couple of days later the check bounces and now he is no where to be found.Tony is a low life piece of worthless sh*t, He works but rather use people he can live of off, He gets a place and never pays the rent so he gets evicted , he rather be homeless and blow his money rather then give at least 50.00 a week to his one and only child. I feel sorry for his current g/f , they really deserve one another two parents that rather have a good time over there childrren.Tony is now wanted again but this time he is on a NO bond bail. I hope they bend you over in Jail baby boy then you will be screwed they way your screwing your son over!!!

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