Just because hes disabled dosent give him the right to be an Absent Parent!

Posted on : 30-08-2011 | By : kgb | In : Deadbeat Dads, Ohio


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Meet Sean M. Gipson, born in Dayton Ohio, late 30’s. Anyone who knows Sean knows that he has an illness and knows that he has fathered 3 children, all girls his oldest is now 18 yrs old but has only seen her dad maybe 3 times in her whole life. Sean currently resides with his live in girlfriend and her parents and their newborn daughter. Sean was never asked anything other than to help with his 1st daughters raising, when she moved out of state he slowly faded from her life. After 18 years of arguments and lack of contact Im glad that the problems are over but still find it hard to understand why a father would hide behind his disablity and anger of the mother, letting this keept him from his 1st child. Some may say that there is jealousy but no I beg to differ and man who has fathered 3 children and is barely raising one should be exposed I have seen many women and men who have more disabilities then Sean raise their children to the fullest. HMMMM wonder whats his problem.

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