Justin, aka “The Stain”

Posted on : 03-11-2010 | By : GrnMtnDew | In : Deadbeat Dads, Vermont


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This “man” plays his money away, claiming to “work” while his son is supported by a REAL man. His son is only 4, and he’ll be over $4K in arrears with the Office of Child Support by the New Year. The little guy’s birthday was in July and it came and went without even a CARD from the sperm donor. It’s great to know he can afford to keep up the payments for his Blackberry though – wouldn’t want his Twitter account to suffer!!! He considers his son to be just another bill, and he LOVES to tell people how much HE is struggling. To be fair, it must be tough to financially support only yourself…awwwww, poor thing!!!

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