Justin BFAM Deadbeat Dad Seide

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This is Deadbeat Dad Justin Seide he lives in union N.J. ….Justin clams he is a club promoter HaHa…..He also works as a state security gard….Justin has two kids but he only takes care of one of them…..He has a little girl and a little boy….They were born a month apart….He is such a hoe….His son was born sick,his son spent
the first 17 days of his life fighting for his life…..Justin never called,came to see him,or sent money to help take care of him…..To this day Justin does not know how his son looks….If you look up the word Deadbeat Dad in the dictionary you will see a pic of Justin with his name and address….Stay away from him….he is a big ass how

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EW what a dirtbag. If he works security, have his wages garnished.

it might be time to update this post

I want to update it but I dOnt know how to

Just post it in the comments here.

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