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When his daughter was a baby, no more than two months old, her “dad” didn’t like it that she was a thumb sucker so he taped pacifiers to her mouth to prevent the thumb sucking. Around the same age was the first time he put hot sauce in her mouth. His daughter is 4 years old now, he has only bought 1 pack of diapers her whole life. He beat up his daughters mother right in front of her on more than one occasion. This deadbeat dad uses his daughter to “get back” at her mom for “ruining” his life. He blames his daughters mom for everything that goes wrong in his life. He has never financially supported his child and refuses to take any responsibility. If you ever come across this deadbeat dad DO NOT TRUST HIM he is a pathological liar and only cares about himself. He is the essence of paranoid and antisocial. He would trade his own family if he got something out of it. STAY AWAY FROM THIS DEADBEAT DAD!!!! He lives in Duluth Minnesota and goes to UMD. He works for Onieda cleaning company and cleans the airport in Duluth among other offices. THIS DEADBEAT DAD WILL NEVER CHANGE OR GROW INTO A MAN!!!!!

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This young man used to work for me at Ace Hardware. We’ve never had a better behaved and more knowledgeable employee. He was very helpful, especially with older customers.

I cannot understand why this bad woman writes so many bad things about him. He was a good boy, always thinking about the baby, weekly sending money home to his sweetheart.

I would be proud to have a son like him.

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