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This 35 year old recovering alcoholic dead beat dad who goes by the name Kenny Acton dodged the process server as he refused to sign divorce papers which only cost the mother of his children more money to draw out the process. Kenny has been sitting on disability payments and been unemployed for 5 years (his entire marriage) while his wife worked full time, cared for two children, ran her own business AND was a full time student (she has since finished her degree). He spent all his time in front of the TV and never any of it with his children. Although he is about 20 minutes away from his children, he never visits them or takes advantage of his alternate weekends the court has granted him. Birthdays come and go without a card of gift for his children and he owes thousands in child support (yes, he is delinquent). While he dates, and parties, buys himself nice new toys, lap tops, big flat panel Tv’s he insists on punishing his children by refusing to fullfill his financial obligation to them; all the while thinking he is getting back at his ex-wife for divorcing his lazy selfish useless butt.

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Still the biggest piece of scum to ever set foot on the planet. Runs a fake drug and alcohol placement company called Client Initiatives in Temecula Ca,. Only hires women who are currently attempting to get their 1st 30 days of sobriety then manipulates them into a sexual relationship until he finds someone with lower self esteem than the first and quickly moves on firing them. Drug addict that claims he is sober but everyone knows from his own admittance that isn’t true. will sometimes bring his children into work for his employees to watch so he can sit back vape and play on his cell phone. Total slob, flashes his money around to young women 18-24 seem to be his type (I can’t believe he is allowed to have custody of his daughters) sends threatening text messages to the women/ employees that will not sleep with him (I have copies) states that he won’t tell anyone including his current train wreck of a girlfriend whom he works with and pays ridiculous salary to for doing nothing all day. constantly brags about himself and works extra hard to hide his income from his ex in order to skate under his child support responsibility. if you’re reading this and your his ex- he’s hiding money. He pays his women thousands a week to manipulate drug addicts looking to get clean. SCUM!!!

Hi Game over……this piece of garbage dirtbag still owes over 10k in back child support and it would be thousands more but DCSS levies his bank account….. He even complains to his ex when he gets levied because he forgot to take his money out in time. He tries to get it back! His oldest reports all kind of lavish purchases,hotels, dinners,jewelry, vehicles, stacks of cash etc.,He lost custody of his oldest daughter, he only has visitation rights that were supervised, and should still be. What’s worse is he tries to pay his ex to drive her daughter to him, he’s too lazy to do it himself. The relationship with his oldest is strained, he subjects her to emotional abuse and says horrible things about her step dad, which hurts her. Her step dad who has done more for her than he ever did…..spending the last 7 years as a loving and nurturing father, his wife divorced him after she turned 2 so she’s spent most of her life with her “better father.” He continues to cuss his ex out every chance he gets, threaten her, harass her etc. He was questioned in court about poisoning her dog after he verbally threatened to kill that same dog. He was also questioned about the mutilation of her bunnies that happened a week earlier ….everybody knows he did it, the circumstances of the case show he did, he even admitted to it in a round about way, it just was still to cirmstantial at the time. He remains the primary suspect for the felony cruelty to animal charges on her property. He is a sick person, with two felony charges on his record already. He shouldn’t be allowed to pet sit, let alone care for children. You should get in touch with his ex, she would love to recoup that money he’s hiding, he owes her 10k for attorneys fees on top of back child support. Maybe leave an email address here…..

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