Kevin Michael Box, Illinois Deadbeat “dad”

Posted on : 15-08-2011 | By : Marie | In : Deadbeat Dads, Illinois


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Nomination for dead beat dad of the year: Kevin Michael Box, Illinois. Well let me start by saying Kevin Box is not only a dead beat dad he is just a piece of shit in general. He is about $55,000 in debt to his son in unpaid child support. Doesn’t he realize this is not going to go away? It will follow him the rest of his life. He is now 31 and will never be able to buy a house ever (not that that’s a problem, he lives with his mom and grandma in Marengo, IL). Unlucky for me in Illinois a father cannot just be stripped of his rights, Also McHenry county courts haven’t had enough evidence to support my claim that Kevin Box is an unfit parent. Even if Kevin Box were a murderer he will still get to see his son. I will not give up though keeping my son from the extremely abusive manipulative person his “dad” is. I have been successful up to this point, and Kevin Box hasn’t been able to physically hurt my son since 2004 so I guess I’m doing something right. When will this dead beat dad going to “man up” and get off drugs and get serious mental help and do the right thing in life and pay for his part in bringing a child on this earth and taking responsibility for once for his actions. Mommy can’t be there to hold your hand all throughout life Kevin. Be a man, grow some balls, and get off your lazy ass and get a job loser.

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