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Lazarus Valentine seemed so sweet at first. After knowing each other for 5 yrs or so we decided to give the whole BF/GF thing a try. Well after about 3 months, he started telling me how much he wanted a child, how he just wanted somebody to love him no matter what. All this time I had a newborn, and he was a great psuedo dad to him. So after trying for a month, we got pregnant and he was ecstatic. We called his parents and made the announcement, and once again everybody was ecstatic. Well soon after that things went down hill in a hurry. He began stealing my money, he started fighting me, and girls started calling our house. I put him out but we remained cordial because I was expecting his baby. He would travel from DC to Baltimore every other weekend and do all the “baby daddy” stuff, rubbing the belly, going over names, making hot wing runs in the rain. About 2 months before our due date, we were on really good terms, and I didnt hear from him for 3 weeks or so, which at the time was very unusual. So I emailed him and he responded back like he was a new girl, but htis guy is basically illiterate and has a typing style all his own, so I knew it was him. After that he just disappeared. When our son was born, he promised to come see the baby, but didn’t, and when the baby was 3 weeks old, he pulled the “thats not my baby” trick. Turns out he had been with this new girl and she was now pregnant! He came to see the baby when the baby was a few months and declared that the baby looked just like him. THen the next month he would be like no thats not my baby. So tired of all the back and forth I took him to Child support court. He refused to show up for over a year, when he finally did and the paternity test was performed, he then refused to show up for the results. He was arrested for failing to show up. During the course of my investigating I discovered that he named his second son after my son, the one he was pseudo daddy to, so now my son has two brothers with the same name! He sends me pictures of him with all this money and his new baby, we have not gotten anything but 2 ugly outfits. So thats the story of my DBBF ( Dead Beat Baby’s Father). I hope people see this and call him out for the loser he is!

Thanks for giving us a place to vent!

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One word: TRIFFLING!

Wow, now that is a crappy ass dad!

What’s up with all the DVM deadbeat smfh…… Is like all their ass were cut with the same scissors….. I got me one 2 and his new girlfriend claims she’s going to beat me…. I can’t wait to met the bitch!!!!!!!!

Lol first stop lying to the ppl bc I have the message and texts and videos if I’m a crappy dad why was you trying to marry me this year when I came up to Rhode island or summer 16 and valentine day 16 lol. You know why I had second though about are son you was on back page and Craigslist fucking and sucking for money and you had two guy ask you can they bust in you for 500 was three times I came to your house and you had dates and you tell ppl that we plan on having a son lol and we call my parents stop lying Brandi my parents didn’t know you was pregnant until you had are son. You was mad that I didn’t want you and I move on I got your fb message to prove to everyone that who even comment or who see this that you are lying to the world. I’m not going tell them how we met just keep it real.smh you have 4 baby daddy’s and I’m the only one that pay child support and the sad thing you lie to me and say you don’t get it so I call up there and they say you are getting it so why do my son look like a bump then? Your son JoJo father pass away and he get a check and you don’t use it on him you buy alcohol and weed and Molly and go to the casino and wen your money is gone you scream broke up in two days smh you got ppl selling drugs out your house smoking weed and your friend Brittany that stay with you don’t pay you nothing her fighting with her baby daddy In your house the cops been call to your house you don’t even have hot water in your house since the summer how is your kids taking bathes? Then you steal 550 from wen I send you some money to do something for me and you take you didn’t to pay for the hot water or you car note that you are trying to had your van bc they trying to take it smh bc you owe mo at to th am smh ppl th is female is a lying mutherfucker oh yea you going around saying that JoJo father drug you and thats how you got pregnant and you don’t want his family know that you saying that about him and JoJo aunt want to get JoJo but you don’t want to do that bc if he go live with her you won’t gat that check lol

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Lazarus. Zeph is in md if you want to see him. Wishing you all the best!

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