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This aint my babyfather..but its my sisters his name is Travis Kollock and i feel like i need to put him on blast….jus cause she is so blind and he is jus a st8 up deadbeat…let me tell ya’ll from the top!!! First off this dude got 3 different baby mamas and like 4 kids that he dont take care of whut so ever….hes going to court for all three of them..he owes madd money for child support and he so scared of getting locked up that he takes my 11 month old neice to court wit him thinking they wont lock his bum ass up!! he’s a st8 up coke head and alcoholic..from the time he wakes up in the morning untill he goes to bed he’s drinking…supposed to be wit my sis but cheating on her wit damn near the whole FB and already tried to holla at me and another sister of mines!!Thats not all… the punchline is he has a temp job working at a liquor warehouse got paid over 700$ and didnt buy none of his kids nothing..all he bought was madd coke a pair of tims for himself….liquor ang got a shape up..now mind my sister is staying wit me at the time which i dont mind cause thats my fam and he does too..he doesnt give me anything for rent…all he do is steal out my house and he stay arguing wit my sis!!! when my sis goes to work he doesnt even wanna babysit..while my sister was in pain he didnt even help her clean up he jus sat his ugly ass down ..my sis gotta carry her purse around the whole damn house cause he steals from her too…its jus sad!!! but it can go on and on and on!!!!

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Is this deadbeat high???

is this deadbeat awake???

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