Liked all the fun of making a BABY!

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Looks like a good decent guy right?!?! Yeah well I thought so to then I got pregnant by him and now my daughter is 23 months old and shes still hasnt met him or any of his family!!!! I think its BS a guy can have all the fun it takes to make a child then he can just haul @ss on all the responsibilities!!!!! Sorry if ur dad is anything like my daughters dad!!!! This man was in the army yeah thats right the US Army and they did nothing to help me I mean what is this world coming to!?!?!? If u have a child take care of he/or she dont leave it all up to the mother! Dont u know there will be a time my daughter asks about him and what the heck am I supposed to say “he didnt want u”?!?!? I dont understand why so many men are like this!!!! He has never held her,talked to her nor seen her HIS CHOICE! I’ve tried to send pics I’ve tried meeting him hes not into it really WHAT DID SHE DO SO WRONG????? Why does she have to grow up without a daddy!?!?!? It is men like u that give all fathers a bad name>>>Grow up and help out the mothers of ur children!!!!

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I dont know if you know or not….(im in the army) BUT the army does not play about these kinds of things. If he is not helping you, first take actions with the child support agency. Second, and very importantly, find out where he’s stationed, who his chain of command is, and how to get in touch with them to relieve the message. I GUARANTEE they will light a fire under his ass ASAP! I’m telling you THEY DONT PLAY ABOUT THAT SHIT

Nenababy- I have contacted his chain of command and they were a joke as well they did nothing to help me they just kept hiding and saving his ass from getting in trouble…….. He is now out of the army cause he screwed them over as well trying to sell nvg’s and he got out of trouble on that as well I might as well face it he will never help or at that get caught!!!!!!!!!

Sounds like my deadbeat cousin he was in the army and now he’s out for his wife pregnant but keeps saying he doesn’t want to be with her treats her like shit. He believes everything his mom says she controls him. He live like two minutes from his wife and never sees him he says it her but when I talk to her she says I’ve told him he can get him but now she’s like no because he’s a ass. I wouldn’t want a man like him. If I ever have child that man is going to take care of that kid. Ladies beware of my cousin his name is Darryl Morgan. He will give you sob story that his wife ain’t shit but he chased her and she did everything for him. His momma controls him and manipulates him he’s an idiot he had a good woman and now she is stuck caring for his son while he’s living his life like he has no responsibilities in the world. He has another son that he gets but that’s because that baby momma is scared of him. Beware you may be the next to get pregnant and he won’t take care or that child either again name is Darryl Morgan.

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