Lil dick head of the year randy n (low life )herrera

Posted on : 05-09-2011 | By : ROMANCEY | In : Alabama, Deadbeat Dads


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This Dick head named randy n herrera is such a jerk that when I told him I was pregnant be had the nerve to tell me to abort our baby. He was living a double life. When I told this lil Dick dude I was with child that’s when he told me he and his baby mom are still together. He kept telling me they are some for good. He was keeping our baby girl a secret till I did my detective work and tracked down his BITCH of a mother. This BITCH named gladys acted like she wanted to be part of my baby girl life. But she never called to check on her. So mind you when ever her did come see my daughter last yr this fuck head tried to sleep with me. I guess that shows how much he care about his girl. He only say her less than 10 times. The last time was in sept only because I took her with me to the court room because we had a child support case open. But basially I’m wanting this story to be up to show ppl how much of a low life he is. Also he was I believe on my heart trying to poisin me. Why I felt this was is because before we found our I was preggo this cheap buffalo never brought me shit to eat then all of the sudden I tell this loser I’m pregnant then he wants to buy me shit to eat. The first time he brought me food to eat was while I was pregnant and when I ate what he brought me less then a hr later I was rushed to the emergency room because I was bleeding cats and dogs. I believe he kept attempting to put shit in food be would bring me. Plzzzz I hope you post this story plzzz and thank you

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