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Im Richie Farmer I’m 30 yrs old from Lockhart Florida I have a daughter who I could careless about I make no attempt to be a father to her in the past 8 years. I have always put a female(If that’s what you’d like to call them) before her.I’ve never once called to say good morning.good night, or even how was your day?.I’ve never been to any school events or done anything with her.I lost my house cause me an my girlfriend didn’t want to work an rather mooch off of everyone else to party.So now I live in a 30 yr old trailer with my parents an 4 dogs. I have a awesome girlfriend now who will not allow me to call my daughter or much less spend anytime with her cause she is so insure with her looks that I will go back to my daughters mother, an she is very childish. I’ve always be a cheater their for she doesn’t trust me an is ALWAYS up my ass. She would love for us to have a child but I can’t even afford the one I have an who’s to say I’d even wanna become a great dad I’ve been a deadbeat for 8 yrs so why change now?.I work under the table so I can escape from paying anything to her mother cause she doesn’t deserve any help with raising a A-B honor daughter who has her own cell phone so If I did want to call I wouldn’t have to go through her mother. POINT BLANK I WILL NEVER GIVE TO SHITS ABOUT ANY FEMALE IN MY LIFE INCLUDING MY DAUGHTER!

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