Look at this fat, happy deadbeat!!!!!!!

Posted on : 01-04-2011 | By : stacy0421 | In : California, Deadbeat Dads


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This deadbeat can obviously afford to feed himself, but cannot afford to pay any of the $33,139.24 in child support he owes…plus half of medical expenses…plus half of daycare expenses! This prize walked out on me and my son when my son was 5 months old and has not been involved since….unless I agreed to be back with him…I know, I know…how could I turn that down??? I’ve raised my son on my own since he was 5 months old, paid for everything without any help, finished college, without any help from this donor. He currently lives in Las Vegas so if you happen to be graced with this guy’s presence, RUN the other way!!!!!

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I forgot to include his name – his name is Javier Rigoberto Menbreno.

way to go !!!did all that on you own , though you shouldnt have had to…..

Another piece of crap.

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