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Jason Lee Theurer born in North Dakota has been hiding out from his obligations for several years and blame me for it. His children Lacey and Alexander has not heard from him for years. He has not paid child support since 2004. He works for SEI Security Company. He know wants to talk after a private investigator found him and his other employers. He receives Military Retirement and small amount from the VA and now this company where he is a area manager. Thats three sources and he can even pay $5 for his children. We went to court just to have our case transfer, when the court appointed attorney spoke to his current wife Aundrea Theurer, she acted like it was suspected her to act. Now that we have located him and I wrote the one of the CEO of the company now he contacts me on facebook. His son has asthma and ADHD and have been found to have a learning disability. We can’t locate him to even get my son’s Tricare medical card because the letters that requires his signature is always returned. He is under the impression that the child support is just for me. I am full time student and having to take loans just to pay for school. I don’t need his money but his kids do. He is 16 yrs old and now with his documented learning disability he requires extra educational tutoring. If his father stop running and contact his child and pay something, he would know that. Stop blaming me for his actions. He has chosen to stay away, thats not my fault and my kids know that. Jason hasnt even seen or contacted his own parents. I guess we are all estranged to him. His kids are his kids and regardless of our divorce he should still pay his obligations and have some type of relationship with them and stop blaming the other parent who is there for them the best way they can. Where are you Jason? Be a man and take care of your kids and let the past be the past!

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most the time when the woman does get child support it goes to her and not her kid in this case i agree with some dads i wouldnt pay the bitch either seeing how she dont have a job

ou women wanna bitch about us being lazy take a look at your selves first do you have a job no do you work no do you spend money on your kid no man i was smart by not sleeping with a stupid woman u women are more dead beats then men and when we men do try we cant get no help cause the hell that you caused us i have a write to say this its my 1st amend ment rights and if you remove me i will sue for my rights

Hey Jace, punctuation is your friend! I guess you didn’t pay attention in school, your writing skills suck. It’s right not write, what a numb skull. You don’t have the right to write what ever you want on a privately owned website. It can be deleted at the discretion of the website owner. At least know what you are talking about before you post it. Go back to school you deadbeat.

Jace who probably is Jason or knows Jason Theurer. I am a veteran, that means I served my country. That also I have given my serves so someone like yourself can walk the streets free. Just like all the others who came before me. I do have a job, I am also a full time student going for my Bach. Degree. So before you accuse a mom of going after their kids CS, maybe you should have some knowledge. Regardless of what you say. You are probably someone who owes CS for whoever. I wish you the best. My situation has no bearing on you and what you have to say.
So do us all a favor and go join the military, pick up a weapon and do something with your life.

I am right there with you. Let the past be the past. Do what is right for your kids and everything will be fine.

You have to love those men and women who don’t get themselves involved in their children’s lives, what losers….

Hey to FY should realize the type of A you are just by your choice of sight name. For one thing, I paid for everything he didn’t pay anything, and is it far for a child to suffer for want because she has a stupid, imbecilic moronic father with your similar attitude. NOT. You can and eventually get it stuck to you, when you retire the ex can and I will to mine garnish the retirement and SSI so bite that one moron. Also you are very ignorant in the sense of the word you are obviously self centered and absorbed. The child will eventual see that Dad didn’t give a rats butt for their life. They will say FY even though that is what you think you the FY represent. So I say up yours too dumas.

@Forthetheurerkids I’m a television producer putting together a show on deadbeat dads. Would love to talk to you about your story! I can be reached at 212.419.7413.

it’s seems to be a trend these days…MILITARY DEADBEAT. The father of my twins thought he could use the military to hide….news flash I’m a Soldier too and know just as many people as he does. can’t wait to get my $15K in back pay Jan 2011 so I can go on a vacation. Yes, its for me cause I have been doing for them by myself so now it’s time for me to do for me.

have you people not read all of these stories, these girls/mothers can’t even spell let alone talk english. all this site is, is a bashing site with made up crap and airing their dirty laundry for the world to see. If I was these girls I would be so embarrassed of myself for posting what they have posted. Half of these girls was well aware that these men were deadbeats before they had their child/children with these men/boys. This site just shows how many people in the world are unworthy of being parents on both parts. Half the stuff is lies that they state in their stories. They are so farfetched it is sicking to read. what a waste of web space. This consist of a bunch of kids having kids and thinking they are adults. Half of these people don’t even have a child support orders in the court system. And for the girls/women that says that these deadbeats families condone what they do, how are to know what these people feel or think? All this site consist of is a bunch of lawsuits in the making and the deadbeats winning. State the facts and only the facts. wow I am truly amazed by how many uneducated people there is on this site. And they call themselves parents. what a joke half these girls on here are just much a lowlife as the deadbeat is. Not one story on this site states the facts just a bunch of childish crap and you wonder why your relationships didn’t work out. Take a look in the mirror cause each and every story I have read is just as pathetic as the last. If you’re going to go as far as post someone picture and tell your story on here at least be honest and stick to the facts.

Whats so funny about this fake person named Wendy is that it sounds like Jason’s wife….This ONE woman tends to know everyone’s story and its amazing how this site is a waste of good space. “She’s on the same site posting a comment. “State the facts”, she says; well come into one of the womens homes or lives and maybe you can see the real truth…..She also claims that the women are uneducated, that must mean me..the one who has the degree under her belt and the military background…..I must be uneducated because I posted something about a dad, who claimed to be a dad, but haven’t paid child support in years or have tired to hide out from paying any support. I have to wonder what world this fake wendy lives in…. How does this so call educated wendy know what the facts are? If she can tell me the facts of everyones story on this website, I may just give her a dime for the true facts she claims to know…..But since Aundrea/Wendy you don’t, or who ever you really are, go get a life and have some kids of your own. Until then go back to what you like to do. whatever that is!!!

Better yet, why don’t Wendy spend her hours going to any state child support office and find out what deadbeat owes what…Then come back and see who is telling the truth. Until that day.. Go find Jason Lee Theurer 8/25/69 7689 married to Aundrea (Brown) Camara Theurer …. TY

for your info I am a single mom of 2. and have been trying to collect child support for 18 years. I f you want the public to help in finding these people state the fucking facts you dumb bitch, and for education and you militray back ground, you can even form a fucking sentence moron. you and others on this site make real moms like myself look bad. I came to this site hoping to find help and all I found was a bunch of childish bullshit and bashing. Now it’s one thing to post about someone oweing and being a dead beat. But if you’re so fucking educated than you would know what you have put on this site is defamation and you could be sued and then you will owe this deadbeat.How old are you? you sound like a high schooler? so therefor for your comments and your post, put more thought into it. Show that your better than this deadbeat. put the facts not your dirty laundry on here and then maybe you would get somewhere with this until then you look just as dumb as this deadbeat. and to call me by your ex’s womens name, bitch you need mental help and alot of it. I have tried to collect child support for 18 years and have gotten nowhere with the court system and the state. this web site is trash and I thought that I could come on here and post my story and maybe get somewhere with my case, but after reading the childish bullshit that you and others have posted Ihave chose not to post my story but to let you and all the pother young mothers on here know just how fucking stupid you and they sound. You should be embarressed of you self and for your children. NOt only do you make yourself look like a fucking nut job, but it also reflects your children. call a lawyer and they will tell you the same by posting his picture and posting what you posted you can be sued and sued dearly. you could of showed your education through your writings but you didnt you chose to be just as stupid as this deadbeat and made youself look so fucking stupid while doing it. Now I will go to work and work my ass off another day to keep food on the table for my children, you on the other hand need to seek mental help and soon, cause by your posts and comment you sound unfit to be a stand up mom that children dont need to be around. I bet you’re the type of person that sits around and rants about this deadbeats women in front of your children… get a life a real one. One that your childrem be proud of to call you mom. until then your childish story is just as lame as the others on here and its time someone brought it to your attention

It’s clear that “Wendy” didn’t pay attention in school. Learn how to write before you post on the internet and make a fool of yourself. The fact that you are here trying to defend this deadbeat shows how much of pathetic person you are. Nothing you wrote is even coherent, you just ramble on and on with no real purpose. Do us all a favor and go play in traffic.

Not all fathers are deadbeats!! I think that mothers that blow child support on themselves are the real “Dead Beats”. Some good fathers that do pay child support get no credit what so ever! Mothers blow the child support, then they tell the kids that “Daddy” don’t do anything!! This makes me sicker than hell!!! The kids get child support and still call daddy up cause mommy won’t buy them the things they need! The kids are brain washed into thinking that child support is “Mommys” money. So when the kids need money…call daddy!!! Then, the kids get mad when daddy tells them that mommy has their money. Because mommy want’s to spend it in the bars and on herself!!! There needs to be a law for mothers to have to show receipts that the money goes on the kids!! Man, they would hate that wouldn’t they? But it’s for the kids…not mommy and her pleasures!!! Can anyone relate to this??

A friend of mine is currently in jail because of one of these women. He refused to pay child support… why? Because his slut of an ex wife got pregnant, tricked him into believing it was his, and when he found out the truth, he filed for divorce. The idiot judge told him he still had to pay because he was the dominant male figure in the kid’s life. When he refused to pay, he was put in jail. Even though his wife comitted paternity fraud.


Okay, I just want to start by saying good job to Wendy, I registered on this site just to get a chance to say you are the stupidest person I have ever heard comment anywhere.
I came across this site by mistake but I was interested in reading a few articles only as I am also a single mother and I know how difficult it can be. I am not the person to post stuff about my ex on websites however but I can say a few things withought giving any names so you “Wendy” have more of an understanding on other people situations. I was married for 8 years, he was a good man and a good father until he “met” his new gf at a night club. I guess she could give her things I couldn’t. He suddenly started living like a teenager again and left us. I haven’t heard from him in 4 years. We still live at the same place, I still have the same job. See, single mothers can be normal people with good marriages at first. I am a licenced pyschologist and am attening university for my masters at this moment. My children still ask occassionally about their father and I DONT say anything negative about him to them but you must understand I do vent now and then to some people. If this woman who cares for her kids alone and is attending school doesn’t vent on this site where is she going to vent to keep her sanity?
I think everyone on this site (who is not a deadbeat dad themselves in disguise) will agree with me when I say Wendy, you are a quack. By the sound of the way you talk (type) you are either very young…meaning you have not been raising kids for 18 years like you claim to…OR you are someone else claiming to be “Wendy” No mother of 18+ years speaks as vulgar as you have on here. If I hear an older woman speaking that way I cringe…where did you go to school? Did you even finish high school? If you really are who you say you are why don’t you give up on getting support and go back to school, pursue a career and get a life.
This woman who is looking for her ex doesn’t have a job? I thought she said she was in school? So why do you people criticize her? I took a leave of absence from my job for a year when my studies got very difficult. You just don’t have enough time for your children when you go to school and work, she must have hours of homework daily, did anyone think about how hard it is to spend quality time with her kid(s)? I must say I believe in the theory that time together with the children is much more emotionally beneficial then material objects she could buy her kids if she had a job to. I bet if someone asked their child what they would rather have, quality time with their parents or that new skateboard most kids who have been raised with a sense of morality will chose the quality time.
So Wendy, no one is buying your story and if you really are a single mom for more then 18 years I really hope you decide to seek out some professional help, if not for your sake for your children’s. You control their future. Please grow up, for the sake of all parents our there, please

That Wendy person was all over my post bashing me too.. Way to go. You are awesome….

my dad only pays cs sometimes and my mom never uses it for her self always for me and my brother so i know for a fact NOT ALL MOMS use there kids cs for them selfs

I can see where the you are coming from, however not everyone knows everyones life. I can see if the mother was some type of drug addict and not feeding the kids. However, I think most of the moms are caring for the kids the best way they know how without CS.
Jason, refuses to even talk to his kids and then of course “claims I turned them away from him” Please he did that all on his own. I keep thinking about the movie “meet the browns” when the sorry dad wants nothing from the family but when the kid gets a deal to play professor ball, oh daddy wants to be there. Well I know I wouldnt be that nice, but its up to my son who does play sports and is good. THe problem with deadbeats dads are that, just because they cant see where the money is going they think the moms are spending it for themself.
Well if paying for a light bill is in the moms name then or a car note (to get your son to school and doctors appts) you so call dads have it all wrong. Its for the kids. My son since he was 16 I told him if your dad ever did pay CS you will be able to have $50 a month as long as your chores were done and the rest is going towards school clothes, sullpies, his bi weekly hair cuts at $15, His tutoring for science and math every two weeks, his football training after high school, his gym membership, up keep of his car he gets when he is not on punishment, gas money, most of all help around the house. These are the same things the deadbeat dad needs or does so why cant the kid have CS to do the same danm things?

Do people not understand what child support is for? It is to assist in raising the child, meaning… assisting in household bills (like rent, electric, water etc),plus things like food, clothes, hair cuts, school supplies, toys, field trips, school functions,doctors co pays, dentist visits, eye doctors and such. As for the child support not “going to the kid” that’s bs, cause if you were living in the household you wouldn’t be handing over hundreds of dollars a month to your child. You would be paying the bills, buying the things that need to be bought for the child and providing the necessary medical needs for the child. SO just stop complaining and PAY UR CHILD SUPPORT!

Thank you Pyurchldsppt. Well said!!

You filthy ex-wife trailer trash of a woman, you knew what you were doing when you laid that GI. You weren’t after love, you were after the GI’s wages. Of course you got pregnant. It’s a story as old as time.
So when the dude comes back from war, he finds restraining order waiting for him because “you’re too scared he’s coming home”. A few days later come the ex-parte divorce, and huge child support bill. The man never wanted a divorce in the first place. Why should he pay anything at all?
At fault are the politicians and the judges who grant ex-parte divorces. There should be no divorce allowed when children are involved. None. Period.
Now, when things will get out of hand, I have a rope I intend to put to good use.

Jack Boot do you know what you are talking about? It sounds you have no idea. This must have happened to you, so now all women are after the GI’s loot right? Well boot, we were both in the military when I found out that I was with child. OMG! I went off to raise my daughter on my own, then months later the current deadbeat is the one who sent me a letter asking to be in my & his daughter’s life. She was not even born yet!! Again I was in the military myself making my own money. We both went to war married leaving our daughter with my parents, I paid for her care. The mom! Paid $1200 a month for her care while we were BOTH serving our country. I didn’t have a court order to do that! I did it for my daughter. I am so sorry this happened to you. I cant speak for other women, however I know some of us do what we have to do to care for our children no matter what. If your are upset with the politicians, then pick your self up and go fight for what you feel is right for you and your kids. Don’t use excuses or blame others. I wish you the best on your journey. FYI did you know that majority of our military lives below proverty? Imagin that!!!

Jackboot you seem to be a disturbingly angry confused person. Unless someone is a very high ranking officer they make very little and the percentage given to child support is a joke. I get $17 a month whoopdee doo! If you think I got pregnant so I could collect less than 20 bucks you need your head examined. You think divorce shouldn’t be allowed and women and children should be forced to live with abusers and pedophiles. I cant imagine being forced to stay with someone like you I bet your ex ran for the hills!

@bornslippy All I can you is laugh! I think she ran for the rocks under the hills….

BornSlippy you are very funny. Forthetheurerkids, I could hear the frustration and disappointment in your post. What many people fail to understand is that when you are that upset grammar issues happen; WHO CARES! Really, this is not about writing skill; it is about the Kids. When one parent stops caring for the children the children suffer. The negative posters need to grow up and get that. A deadbeat Dad (or Mom) can leave a wake of pain and destruction. They often just move on and start over. I just do not get that??? The children are blameless, yet the pay the biggest price. So I hope that Jason gets it one day, but I doubt it. If your state allows contempt of court then file and he will go to Jail. If that does not wake him up nothing will. Good Luck!

@A1parentshow HIGH FIVE! He has moved on and I am happy for him. I don’t have any ill feelings for him, actually I feel sorry for him. I do the best I can do for him and that all I can do. Its ALL for the kids and as a mother I do what I can do for them with what I have.
God is so GOOD!

@Forthetheurekids you are so right God is Good! Keep up the good work! Take Care :)

A dead beat is a dead beat, be they male or female. This puke and those who defend his actions are the bottom dwellers of society. Hell has a special place for them.

Wow. Some angry misogynistic guys on this site. Must be dead beats. So angry about her not working they did not even pay attention to the fact that the mother was a full time student. Sure hope this Jason guy got nailed for child support. He sure deserved it.

For whom it may concern: No matter how badly you talk about someone, it is not defamation if what you say is true. It is not believable that women would be going at it on a site like this unless one of the parties was actually a dead beat dad or the girlfriend or wife of a dead beat dad or was crazy or stupid. Real women would realize that any woman raising her kids without the support of the father is most likely not lazy and should be commended for hanging in there. Too bad this site does not immediately delete the account of anyone who attacks a poster as opposed to jumping on the dead beat dad. That is truly defeating the purpose of the site since women are less likely to post if they know they will be attacked and made to feel worse than they already do. Where in the hell is a site administrator or moderator? This site is a sick joke. What the hell!

I just sent an e-mail to the site complaining about the lack of moderation of comments and posters. I urge others to do the same. God bless.

As of today, Jason still refuses to pay child support. I texted him to inform him of some things going on and he texted me back with nothing but negative statements. His son is moving on to the 11th grade and he can care less. Then calls me and tells me to stop texting him, when he keeps texting me at 3am-5am in the morning. Then when I call him back he runs scared and don’t pick up his phone. What a joke….. Jason don’t blame me for your own actions. Hate me all your need to, but those are your kids even if you denial they are. You had the chance to come to court and speak your side, when you said you were..But no Jason when it came time to speak with the judge. They call that DEFAULT! So find time to take care of your son, now that your daughter is of age. You can still do something for him. FYI CS stops when they graduate, not when they turn 18, its whatever happens last! Just know I will hold up my part, I will continue to inform you of your son’s progress even if you don’t want it or not! I am showing good faith, and can care less what you think or do not want me to do. What I am doing is no way threatening to you or your wife. So until CS stops look for an update of your kids!!!! POINT BLANK! If you don’t want it, lets go to court and ask a judge to order it. This is only to inform you of your kids! NOTHING MORE, God Bless

FYI you have my number so the fact you DO NOT pick your phone up to speak to your son or daughter is ON YOU! You blaming me has gotten old to the core. I gave you three chances to come up with a cs amount, even lower then what the state wants but you refused, thinking I wanted your money. Since you claim you are making 6 figures and driving a hummer. Thats all great for you. But don’t get mad when you are ordered to pay CS after I tried to work it out with you. You thought they were not looking for you. We seen your name in the local paper, so I know you knew they were looking for you. Your employer even received a wage earning statment so I know you knew they were looking for you, I even sent you so many texts, emails to inform you they were looking for you. You got served, so I know you knew. But I can imagin that you couldn’t tell or show the judge how much CS or where you have helped to care for your kids, so we didn’t see you. I don’t know but I do know that YOU HAVE NOT EVEN A PENNY TO ME FOR YOUR KIDS SINCE THEY LEFT MINNESOTA IN 2004. EIGHT years! NOTHING so please don’t blame me for what you didn’t do, cause homey dont play that and I am NO WHERE scare of you, your comments and your threats. GOD HAS MY BACK!


Click it and you can’t tell me he doesn’t have funds to pay for his children. He actually had been avoiding it…Imagin that.

The link isn’t working, I did see a site for security company. Does he work there?

What an F’ing deadbeat!

Google it: just put Jason Theurer BIO.. Juct click the first one. You can see just want he does and where he works but can’t pay no child support for his kids.
Security Engineers should be ashame of themselves also for letting this man hold a position like that and can’t pay child support for his kids.

Make a screen shot of that page, show it to the court. Obviously he is working and his wages need to be garnished. In the meantime a few calls should be made to his employer, I doubt they want to be associated with a deadbeat dad.

Jason Theurer

District Manager-New Orleans

Education: Bowman High School, Bowman, North DakotaMinnesota State University School of ScienceMinnesota State University School of

Business Professional Experience:
May 2011 to present: LA District Manager
2010-Present: Maritime Security Project Manager, Security Engineers Inc.
2009-Present: Security Officer and Captain, Security Engineers Inc.
2008-2009: Maritime Enforcement Agent, Blue Marine Security
2000-2008: Personal Security and Labor Dispute Security Specialist,Special Response Corp.
2006-2008: Security Consultant for JP Morgan Chase New Orleans post Katrina
2005-2006: FEMA Camp Security Supervisor

Military Experience:
United States Army Infantry Squad leader
United States Army Paratrooper
United States Army Air Assault
United States Army Pathfinder
United States Army Retired

United States Army Accommodation Medal with two oak leaf clusters
United States Army Achievement Medal with three oak leaf clusters
Liberation of Kuwait Medal
Saudi Arabian Defense Medal

(Security Engineers DM $3594 a month)
(Military retirement $2845 every quarter)
(VA $247 every month)
Total $4789 a month and can’t buy his kids a pair of shoes for school or even call them.

BornSlippy– I did a few times and we finally went to court. I had to show them this and we are waiting for another court date. He was served and has the chance to show his face, like he said he would. However, I am sure he will stay away. He will have to show the court how much money has he provided to me for his kids since 2009 the date he was served. He has no proof, so we will see what happens at the next court date. I am hoping that he does show up and bring something with him. I hope she finds in favor of the kids because his LOSER has hid out long enough. His employer probably doesn’t care but them knowing and doing nothing about him, I am sure they can bring heat on them. They need to know he is a complete deadbeat.

I will call.

Well we finally got an order. Doesn’t mean he will pay. However, for me if he wants to keep his job, I am sure he will do something. Now it begins! Why is it my fault Jason. You are the one who didn’t do your part. Now you have to deal with it. Though it took several years, the state of texas finally have him in their systems. Wish me luck moms and dads who are doing their best to care for the children who are the innocent ones.

His employer has to garnish his wages. Good luck! You should be get arrears as well.

Not all dads are deadbeats…and alot of women dont do the right thing…but if you have kids both parents should be supporting the kids.

@dancer, I totally agree with you. However this father is a deadbeat. I was not talking about ALL the dads because I don’t know all the dads. I am talking about Jason Lee Theurer. And you may hear alot of women don’t do the right thing. But until you know for sure what’s going on and what they are doing, you and I really don’t know. Some dad don’t do the right things either. Its like a catch 22. Both parents are suppose to support our kiddo’s. In the case of Jason, he has not done his part of taking care of his kids. Is that my fault, NO…So this is why I am on her and for no other reason but to let people who read this know that I do know one of those deadbeat dads and so does the office of attorney general. When you have three verifable income coming in and you send NOTHING for the care of your kids and stop calling them when they need you to. You call that a deadbeat and Jason Lee Theurer is one. This is my story and I am sticking to it.

@ forthetheurerkids I so agree, why is it that some people have to balance crap out. Yes there are bad women too, duh. Of the households where only one parent is taking financial responsibility majority are headed by women. It is reality weather we like it or not. I would love to know how to change it, how to make the bad people male or female put the kids first. The one thing I am super sick of is men who say oh women just use the money to buy something REALLY!? My Ex was only responsable fo $302 thats it. He is over 40k in behind not including interest. He has NEVER bought clothing, school, supplies, sports, daycare or any expenses. My ex was supose to pay for medical and he has not; nor has he assisted with co-pays. I did not exclude him from our child’s life until he continued to come intoxicated to visitation. When we married I did not know he had a problem, he was second generation addict. He was very good at hidding it. Even his best friends were in the dark. I left as soon as I knew. So truely the children are who pays. I have never been able to aford sports or camps. The child support would have made a better life possible. My child needed a father, two parents are always better than one. It has been 4 yrs since we have seen our Crappy Dad. Plain and simple be a grown up and take responsability, THAT IS IT!!!

Hi! My name is Denise, I am a TV producer in LA. I would love to talk to you about what’s going on. Please call me at 323-451-2446 Thank you so much!

UPDATE: Jason is at his old ways again! NO child support. It’s a shame how boys, because real men take care of their child’s regardless. He refuses to call his son or daughter but think its ok to put them down because they don’t reach out to him or blame me. However I thought we was the adult… His son was in a car accident and he couldn’t even return a call, to see if he was ok. Then he has his upcoming “signing day”, as a mom I also tried to reach out to let him know and he is up rooted again. No worries though, the great state of Texas will find him and in the mean time $9846 will continue to grow each month. Overseas seems to be his way out…Of well you have to renew it someday…They will catch him. We are still waiting on our day in court so we can serve all the medical bills he has refused to pay for 50%. Now the medical is no more, so we will see what happens next…..In the mean time Ill just take care of the kids and love them as much as I can. Lacey is now 23 and Alex is now 18…getting ready to go off to college and play football next year.

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