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This deadbeat dad has not seen his six year old son in three years. Has missed birthdays, christmases, and my sons first day of school. He is too busy chilling out with his crack head 23 year old girlfirend which is funny because he is 40 years old and his oldest child is 20, second child is 18, third kid is 15, and then we have my son who is 6. I have taken very good care of MY child, but think that men in NH who have children get off way too easy. This prize is $5000 in arrears just in four years, and at one point was ordered to pay 10 a week in child support. Next time you see this Boy, because he is not a man, please call the sherriffs office and let them know that you spotted a deadbeat dad. Please help my six year old son! I have a great job and went back to school to make sure we could have a great life but please do not let a deadbeat drug addict get away with this.

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I feel your pain sweetheart my ex husband is 8500 behind in only 16 months lives in a diff state so there for mich where we live will not go get him they dont care but he still gets summer visits in the state where he lives it makes me sick to my stomache he doesnt call them or have anything to do with him but everyone in his family thinks hes the best dad ever

im sorry but 3! kids on accident!?? ya need to get a dude with better timing…jus sayin

OMG these guys look so stupid with thier receeding hairlines and going to the nightclubs and hanging around high school students. We used to pretend to flirt with these old men to get them to buy us drinks and take us out but we always had a real bf our own age. Eww hes ugly thank God he left you. Its the ugly men who cheat like my ex, good looking guys dont need to bang sluts to feel wanted like these disgusting old losers do. Its funny how they think its love, lol.

Now lady you’re just stupid. He already had other children he was not supporting and you let him knock you up ? Not saying what he’s doing is right but be a little more selective with whom you breed with. I can understand if you were his first but if he’s already done this you’re just stupid !

I have asked for this to be taken down several times, without avail from this stupid site. PLEASE TAKE THIS DOWN! David is now making an effort to pay his child support

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