Loser ALERT!!!

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I would like to introduce everyone to Billy Story, or Paul Story, depends on who knows him. He has not been around his children for 5 months after he and his mother split bc he was a cheater and a abuser in many ways, and will not provide for his children. He has a great job, lives with his mother who feeds him 3 meals a day and he lives for free. No bills! He has not given a dime to his children because, ” I don’t have it this week.”, or “Maybe next time.”….the mother has patiently waited and…nothing. The mother called him yesterday and said she is strapped, have paid for extras in school etc, can you please wire $40 for groceries for the kids so they can have a rounded dinner tonight. He said no, and had to go bc his Mom was almost done cooking his dinner. What person could purposely deny their children…???? Sad thing is, he tells everyone how he provides and what a good father he is. Nope, he “forgets” to call, never sent a birthday card, a gift, not 1 whole dollar…..nothing. That would be a worthless deadbeat….someone who doesn’t deserve the air around him to breathe. If you see him around, remind him he has kids. Ask him if he knows what his kids ate today. Let him know you know his days of pretending to be a stand up person are over!

The difference between the types of parents:
Dad is healthy, free, lives life, pays nothing and no concern for the lives he created, doesn’t care at all, neither does the family he lives with.
The Mom: drastically losing weight because she skips many meals as to not take from her kids mouths, works 7 days a week, pays every bill, never has a free moment, no babysitter, just provides, and her heart breaks but she still pretends to be happy and continues to carry on with a smile on her face so her children don’t know. She never has said one bad word about their father to the kids and never stands in the way of their communications even though she knows he doesn’t deserve to hear those 2 precious girls voices. That is so hard for her.

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Hi there! I am so sorry to hear that! I have made a submission myself on crappydads.com against my ex. Look you need to go to your local Child Support Division, the government will enforce your child support order from a court for free and garnish his wages. That means when he get paid weekly, biweekly monthly or whatever… before he gets his paycheck, the employer will take out YOUR money send it to the government and then he gets paid. Now, if there is no court order for child support then you will go to the Child Support Division and file for paternity. Depending on the state they can even award you arrears before the day you file, some states from birth and onwards. This way within 30 days he HAS TO take a court ordered DNA test. If he does not then he will automatically lose his rights to court and the judgement will be ruled in your favor.
If he does then court will be set and the judge will order the amount of payments, the government will then hold it from ANY paycheck he has even Social Security!!

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