LOSING!! Rodney McCullough OWES $30K so how can he afford this dog??

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Rodney Bryan McCullough DOB 7-02-1970 *had one young child when we started going out, a year and a half later I found out I was ten weeks pregnant when with no warning, he severely beat me on and about the head/face/mouth. I had over fifty stitches at the Colorado Springs ER (which eventually led to plastic surgery on my upper lip, with still very visible scars) and so of course, we broke up. While I was pregnant, he got another girlfriend and got her pregnant. So he also had a third child by a third woman a few months after I had his child, and now we know of four by four women for sure. Won’t go in to the ginormous skank that came to my door asking if her toe headed child looked familiar??? He didn’t meet my/his daughter until she was two years old, then back out of her life, moved back closer, then took off to Rimrock Arizona without even telling her or saying good bye (and he wonders now why she doesn’t want to talk to him….hmm, she’s 16 now and is sick of your shit). He has taken care of SEVERAL other women’s children, which doesn’t bother me except the fact he doesn’t take care of his biological children first. He has paid about $200 in child support. Her braces alone were $5000! It costs $200K to raise a child. I went over three years without a court order in hopes that would give him incentive to pay and I’d take a way lesser amount because of course some is better than none. Guess not. He’d rather waste all his money at the bar, on cable, on go carts, expensive tools to work (?), kids that arent his and girlfriends cell phones, on the lake..things that are not necessities to live. He is a compulsive liar and a whore. He says things he has no proof of but denies straight documentational proof (of anything from ‘i never hit you, even tho the police came to the ER and took pics’ to who bought the couch! how did he buy my couch when he was half way around the world knocking up some chic in HA, WOW! and are you f’kn kidding me!!) Now I’ve worked every day of her life to keep a roof and needs with no extra for sports or things like that. Its SAD. He owes $30,000.00 in back support for my daughter and an astronomical amount to other mothers and/or states. Oh and he hasn’t done taxes for well over ten years. He is from MO which is where we are at but apparently living in AZ. Parents, hide your daughters! Two of his brothers are already on the MO sexual offender list. He’ll never pay the money so should be sitting in jail. But instead he’s driving a cherry red 2010 F150. WTF.

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I know all what you say is true cuz i was with his brother. But i must say you are blessed that he has left you alone. Your daughter probably turned out to be a better person do to him not being around. My daughter saw some of the things you describe in your story and his brother hurt my daughter and now today even though I left him she remembers and is a heroin addict it doesnt matter how hard ive worked to try to help her she will never be the same. Luckily my other child doesnt remember all the bad and he is awesome. I understand the anger ect. But know you were blessed life may have been harder financially as it has been for myself because his brother is on the sex offender list and is over 40,000 dollars in child support. But honestly after losing my daughter to drugs do to this situation and almost losing my own life I realize none of the money in the world can make me feel better than the fact that my son is ok and a wonderful child. Karma will come around their life is very sad. You were blessed as I was to get away and stay away and today hands down my life is more blessed than I ever expected. Your daughter is blessed to have you and not to have known him.

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