Loudmouth Loser !

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Meet Todd (joshua)who mooches off his sister for room and board !!
Suppossedly has no car and no money or job.

My exhusband is the father of my awesome 9 yr old son, he has not seen him in over 3 years and is over $10,000.00 behind in childSupport.

He lives in Lexington,TN. supposedly just got laid off his construction worker job, but has never really had a steady job that provides for his family. He always comes up with some excuse (LIE) to why he can’t help take care of his son and lies to my son all the time promising birthday and christmas gifts ( MORE LIES ). Sadly its affecting my son’s view of his father, he knows what his dad tells him is nothing but lies and calls him a liar all the time. Its very upsetting as a mother to know that my son has to call that LOSER in order to hear from him!
I post this, in hopes that it will help another woman learn the truth and that JUSTICE will prevail.

- single mom in KY .

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