Love makin’ babies, hate takin’ care of ‘em!

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Hi kids! My name is Raphael Whitlow & I reside in Cincinnati Ohio. I have two daughters by a previous woman, 1 daughter with my current wife & also a son on the way with a woman I’ve been having an affair with for almost two years.

In my spare time I enjoy feeding my sexual addiction & making babies with women that I don’t want to take care of. Don’t get me wrong, I still see my two oldest daughters occasionally but like the awesome dad I am I just leave them with my wife at night while I go out & get drunk and have sex with multiple different women.

Last summer when my wife & I had our daughter I spent the 3 nights that my newborn daughter & wife were in the hospital spending the night at my side girl’s house. Actually now that I think about it, a few hours after my daughter’s birth I went to my side girl’s house to have sex with her!

I loved spending my time telling my side girl every day that I was purposely going to get her pregnant so that I could keep her in my life forever but now that I succeeded with that I’m on the run! I don’t want to pay for anything that involves preparing my son or pay for any of the medical bills that come with preparing for his birth. I’ve also made it clear that I want nothing to do with my son & that he’s not my problem.

I can’t afford to pay my own rent or buy my own car so instead I mooch off of my wife that I lie to on a daily basis so she doesn’t kick me out. Then I drive her car to meet up with different women & get them pregnant.

So in summary, I just love sex so much that I just can’t quit and I’m too stupid and broke to buy a box of condoms that I just keep making these babies that I can’t take care of. If there’s any women out there stupid enough to want to take care of me I’ll gladly take you up on your offer.

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this is very funny because I was also sleeping with this guy from june of 09 up until About feb of 2010. he was telling me he loved me and with me that I was the only 1. well I ended up pregnant by him and had a miscarriage at 12 weeks. to say I still have his phone number and if you need it I’d be happy to provide it to you. he kept trying to tell me that um he was never with his wife when he was with me….his wife calles my phone all the time he’s a liar and a cheater. Lol oh raphael….. needless to say she is very stupid for being with him

Its amazing that less than year later this very “side girl” stayed with him, continued to have sex with him, lie for him and have secret meeting to have sex.. oh and then see the little off spring… while he was still married!!! In additin she allowed him to beat her, run her off the road and threaten her to keep their little relationship secret. She did get some balls last year and had a lawyer threaten him, but even when he got a restaining order on her, she went to jail for still being with him… pregnant!!So here a year later “side girl” took him in her home when wife did put him out and she became his ride and money. Called wife back begging for him to take him back. Wife took him back only to have him hit her, brake windows and end up in jail. But “side girl” was there for him and they are finally together.. while he is on house arrest. Let’s see how faithful he is when he’s out, using your car, living in your house and you are calling girls numbers that he is with. Oh and by the way “side girl” now has left overs, no child support (she didn’t want that, she just wanted him to see her son..oh and get some) hefty child support to pay, no car (yours will do). Its funny.. guess she is the woman stupid enough to take him up on his offer. “Side girl” you will be pregnant again I guess, chasing him like you always do.. in you words..”you won’t be his first, or his last.” Wise words to his wife.. ohh and he is still married!!

Hey, My name is Jen and I am going through the same thing. I am a single parent and get nothing from my baby’s father. I also work in the TV industry in NYC. We are doing a show on deadbeat dads and looking to bring people here. If you are interested or know anyone that is please give me a call at 347-974-1641 Thanks Jen

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