Loves to make babies, but hates to take care of them

Posted on : 24-08-2011 | By : FedUpWithJusticeSystem | In : California, Deadbeat Dads


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This piece of work has 3 “known” kids with 3 different women with another possible child in Florida. Has NEVER taken care of any of them, except when jailed and his Grandparents bail him out. He is currently listed as one of Shelby County (AL.) Sheriffs Department Most Wanted ($20,000 bail) because of non payment on just ONE of his kids. He has NEVER paid a dime on my son’s child support and he even had the balls to think I was going to send my son to him in California on a plane (he’s 6)! He is living with a Nurse in Santa Rosa by the name of Olivia and her two kids and she knows ALL ABOUT his kid situation and yet does not care. He never calls to check on his kids, nor does he support them in ANY way.

To top it off the Shelby County (AL.) Sheriffs Department wont go to California even though we have an address on him including phone numbers. They are blaming the state and Santa Rosa is blaming Shelby County and in the process NOBODY will go after him. They let him live it up buying himself new clothes and new sneakers while his kids are having to live on hand me-downs from family and friends. I dont know how much he owes on his oldest child, but since our divorce was finalized (over 18 months ago) he has NEVER paid a months worth of child support. He ran off to California because he knew nobody in Alabama would go get him and he’s been proven right so far. We’ve been let down by the justice system but hope to one day get justice.

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You need to contact the Shelby County DHR regarding the process of getting him officially processed served papers to appear in court. Offer to have him served yourself. DHR in Alabama is very effective but is overwhelmed with deadbeats. Try again and do not give up. If that all does not work call 334-242-7300 and ask for assistance.

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