LoveSick /DeadBeat/ Loser Michael John Donnelly

Posted on : 15-08-2011 | By : proudmom2 | In : Alabama, Deadbeat Dads


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It’s So awful that it has to be a site like this for Dads. Meet another one ”Michael Donnelly ”a deadbeat with many excuses he’s very conniving likes to play the victim. He has very low self -esteem he preys online for venerable women willing to listen too his sad stories. We have two amazing adorable little boys together. He was around during the time our first was born but never really helped Care for him he was mostly concerned with spending time with me He has a illness ” Love-Sick” the poor guy would give his All to keep himself in a relationship but gives very little to help with the things my babies need.. My baby our second born son stopped breathing when he was 10 months old it was the worst day of my life I love my babies with all my heart after he was released from the hospital His Dad never even called to see how he was doing Or how the follow up app, with the Dr, went . .. I Always have had to literally beg and ask him over & over too help me provide for our children sometimes he will he send a very small amount of money what he has left over after he has taken care of Others.. He sends what he wants when he wants a Loving Caring Dad would not do that. He has gone Months without giving to them. He can go weeks without knowing how their Doing.. Dads like this should hold their head down in public from the shame of being a Heartless/Deadbeat Father that are missing out on the greatest blessing they will ever receive. He’s good at giving you the impression that he’s a caring person but he’s not when it comes to being a Father. Many Birthdays have gone without him calling or so much as sending a card. He’s never present at Dr.s appointments This guy doesn’t care about hurting his kids if you meet him RUN fast the other way …

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I’m very happy to see this finally approved!, This desperate loser thinks the most important thing in life is be involved in a relationship . He needs to understand that when you become a parent your Children come first .

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