MAC Daddy

Posted on : 19-08-2011 | By : outoflove99 | In : Deadbeat Dads, Illinois


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I was married to this man in 1991 and he deserted his wife and three children in 1992 in Florida. and I do mean deserted! Moved to Chicago leaving clothes in closet and emptied the $25,000.00 bank account and left forty dollars on the book shelf. We were two months behind on rent, a month behind on utilities and car payment. he was in charge of our monies. I pursued child support in 1995 and the system never could serve him but he would call and tell me they were outside his house in Chicago, Illinois. I could not get justice from the system until 2009 and then on two years back. At this point he owes our kids $9,420.00 because he always work under the radar as he calls it. However, he has his own marketing firm and files taxes now since his first son is through with child support. But our youngest daughter is in her senior year of high school with only me to support her because in his own words “We all have to struggle some time.” I was struggling while he was flying city to city!

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