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Posted on : 15-09-2011 | By : William Widener | In : Deadbeat Dads, New York


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I live on Riverside Dr. in a $3 million co-op. I stopped paying my child support in 2008. You see, I have, for many years, been impregnating and abandoning women. One of them gave birth to a beautiful young lady I do not support. I don’t even send her birthday cards. I am 43, she is 12. She is more mature than I am. This summer, having seen her only once in the last 4 years (and only because her family drove her to NYC so I wouldn’t be inconvenienced), I drove to the town where she lives. Did I call her? Heck, no. Did I see her? Heck, no. The only effort I put forth is to try and get out of paying my court-ordered child support. I am $7400.00 in arrears. They suspended my DL, but I live in NYC, so who cares? My passport is no good, so now I just take tropical yachting vacations in US territories where I don’t need one. I mooch off my wife. I have credit cards, a smartphone, a swanky apartment overlooking the Hudson River, and it’s all paid for me! I sure have figured out how to screw my little girl, her mother and the System! This Spring, after my wife and I requested an extension on our taxes so we could fully enjoy our sailing trip, we discovered that CSE had frozen our bank account. Bummer! I called in a panic begging my ex to ‘work it out’, but then I never sent a dime. I never call my daughter, I never see her, I have never sent her a single gift for any occasion. I didn’t even send her a birthday card recently. I will call to threaten her Mom; “let’s dance” is a favorite phrase. Even thought she is battling a brain tumor, I am still only concerned about me and how everything is all about me. I get pretty mad when I see the truth about myself posted on the internet. In short, I am a total scumbag and my balls are the size of peas. If you’d like to chat about my side of the story (I sure do hate when people try to point out all the shitty things I’ve done, so please, only fantasies allowed).

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WOW… what a piece of shit!

You really need to post this douchebag’s name and photo without sunglasses. He should be embarassed in the polite society he purports to be.

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