Marcus D. Miner (29 y/o) LAWTON, OK – Hoping for my 5th kid **Fingers Crossed** SMH

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FEEL BAD FOR ME??… Let’s start the PITY PARTY:
LET’S TAKE IT BACK TO 2005: I put my first baby momma thru HELL… and MAN, DO I mean HELL… I cheated on her, degraded her, disrespected her both physically & verbally, not to mention the constant mental anguish… its no wonder she got sucked into some bullshit since I was just a broke ass dude livin wit my Mama… but anyway… That Girl did me SOOO wrong, she went out trying to hustle (like I showed her was so cool to do) and you know what that Bitch did??? YEA!! She got locked up and I got stuck wit these TWO babies… Its all good tho, cause I ain’t gonna let them cramp my *SWAGGA* & I’ll never let her live it down even tho my Mama be taking care of them right up until her final breath… but did THAT stop me?? OH NO… I’m too awesome for my kids needs to come before mine… so you see… I gots me a plan… I need me another baby momma… good thing I hit that dope hoe raw before my momma passed… but I ain’t really feelin her too much cause she cheats, so I’m gonna put her through hell and claim he couldn’t be mine cause he look like the mexican I saw comming out her back door one night. OH SNAP!! That shit came back MINE!! DAMN… its all good, I can keep her on the back burner now. RECENT: 2011… I just met this down ass chick, she got it ALL together, she cute, work, got her own car, her own place, no baby daddy drama, she don’t sleep around, she educated AND she a great mom… MAN I HIT THE JACK POT… Better scheme on her fast!!! I’m so smart, I brought my two babies over (cause remember the other one’s only mine when I wanna get some *wink wink*) to her house and she just fell head over heels IN LOVE… I better act fast!! “I love you, and look, our kids get along so well, our life will be wonderful, let me have a baby with you… PLEASE” YUP… I’m DA MAN… I GET WHAT I WANT. Hope she doesn’t find out that I been tappin’ the wife of my homeboy’s brother-in-law… that could get sticky… ehh, she a trick anyway, my other boy said he and like 3 other dudes tapped her too… WHAT? She txting claimin’ she pregnant… CRAP… gotta choose…. SKANK or my good girl… Ummm… Yea! HA HA HA… Like I gotta choose… let me put this chicken head in her place!! What’s that u heartbroke? who cares… word on the street is u aint pregnant no more, so fuck it. OH, and can’t forget to keep F**king Baby Momma #2… can’t let her take me for child support… and now its even easier cause my girl got taken outta work on medical leave cause of the belly (YES!! No job means she can’t leave me… I can start to slack). What’s that?? Baby Mama #1 want the babies so bad she willing to come back to me? SWEET… TRIPLE CAKE!!! I’ll just string ‘em all along while I try to pull in some reserves cause this sh*t gotta blow sometime. Baby #4 came early cause I made his momma sick… DAMN… I THINK I know where it came from…. oh well… im gonna stay doin her cause I rather make my babies sick then have to give up some of my check… wait, naw… that’s right I quit my job right after #4 so no one could expect me to run out and buy baby items, WOW man… SHE DID IT ALL… Premature Labor, Emergancy C-section, they BOTH almost died!! And she so on top of her Sh*t that she was back home with the baby in less than a week, taking care of all six kids and she not even healed yet… OH Well… I’m goin OUT! Who cares… Oooh, I forgot, “Babe? Can I get some $$ from you”?? OK now I can bounce… after all… I got chicks to do, baby mamas to see, and weed to smoke… what I wanna be around a bunch of kids for?? I know the straight if they with her!! SHIT!! Chicken-head just popped out a baby… FEWWWW!! She claiming it’s her man’s… Uh but wait… it look just like my other ones… and nothing like him… Let me hit her up right quick “But Mama, u know I wish he was mines don’t you? I love u girl… u know I got your heart” there, that should be enough to get her thinking… YUP, it worked & just in time cause Good Girl talking bout she knows what’s up? And she a smart one, so IDK how long I got with that sitter situation… let me go hit up Baby Mama #2 for a mercy f**k… I can get high & laid, AND she’ll give me back the money my girl spent on baby #3 @ Christmas… SWEET!!! Now I can go out with the guys tonight and get drunk. MAN, I’m LIT SON!!! And sh*t, she caught me where I ain’t supposed to be… Now I gotta get aggressive… I’ma act like I’ma hit her while she holding my premature baby… YEA… WHO BOSS NOW? What’s that? WTF? Who hittin me? DAMN… Its her son… tryin to protect his Mama… Wellll SH****T… I’ll fix him… Let me choke this lil nigga out…. (got my hands round his neck real good… even left a mark!!) Damn… she callin the police… I’m out… Oww, don’t let me forget to take my first two kids out @ 4am from they sleep so I can run from the police high & drunk with them in the back seat… cause that’s what COOL DADS do!!! Yea, I’m the best… My cheating, lies and violence put me in the street with the two kids I have, I don’t see my other two kids cause Baby Mama #2 moved South when she found out bout Baby #4 and Baby Mama #3 left to the East Coast cause I tried to kill her son…. now I guess I really need to pray that the Shank Chicken-head is pregnant by me and leaves her Baby Daddy because I need a place for me to drop these kids off so I can do it all over again!!!

BUT HEY… It’s all worth it cause I got all these beautiful babies to use as tools to call on these women when I get horny, lonely, depressed, bored, or need a sitter so I can screw someone else!! HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!

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Sad but this really made me Lolllll! What a loser.

Hi! My name is Denise, I am a TV producer in LA. I would love to talk to you about what’s going on. Please call me at 323-451-2446
Thank you so much!

This information is crazy being thefact that maybe most of it might be true who knows. I can only speak on #1 Baby Mama. She was never physically abused by him and they were together way longer than baby mama #2 and baby mama #3 or of this supposedly baby mama #4. He has four kids and not expecting no baby number 5. For someone to even post something like this is very childish and degrating. And if your any of the baby mamas who did this it wasnt the right way to go about it. And being the fact #2 baby mama has been out of the picture for this long and he’s with baby mama #3 best believe if baby mama #1wanted to be with him best believe he’ll drop all of his other baby mamas and be with her. Baby mama #1 will help him take care of his other kids if thats the case. So little girls grow up and stop worrying about something that has been in the past and move on. Also thats why they have Child Support to get your money cus thats all you baby mamas want anyways all i know he would take care of all his kids its just his other two baby mamas wanna threaten him saying they’ll keep the kids away. So have a blessed day and have fun worrying if baby mama #1 got him back after all you dumb broads. LMAO

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