Marshall Huddleston-deadbeat dad poster child

Posted on : 28-06-2012 | By : anneml | In : Colorado, Deadbeat Dads


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Marshall Huddleston abandoned his daughter when she was six months old. I tried to reconnect them again, but my daughter did not like him. He owes my daughter $27,000, and it’s not even finished yet. Yes, he was upset to learn that he had to continue paying (or not) until she is done with college. And I will continue until every penny is paid.

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Nobody owes you or your spawn anything. Can you wrap your mind around this concept?
College money? You make me want to laugh. If your daughter has the bird brains you’re having, she’s definitely not college material.

Are we to assume that this fine daughter will ever support her father in his old age? Me thinks not. So let it drop sister, better yet, get to the kitchen and get me a sammich.

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