Marty E. White…He thinks he’s God

Posted on : 11-01-2011 | By : cwhite | In : Deadbeat Dads, South Carolina


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Marty E. White. I was married to him for 20 years. We have 4 kids together and I got tired of his me me ways so I told him in 2009 that I wanted a divorce. He agreed to pay support if I didn’t take it to domestic relations. About 6 months after we seperated I met someone so he decided he didn’t want to pay support anymore. He is blaming me for him not paying support saying that I wouldn’t let him see the kids. The guy thinks he is the only one that matters, he is very selfish, only thinks about himself. He’s a good con artist and can convince just about anyone that he is the victim in whatever is happening at the time. If you see him run the other way, don’t stop, don’t stare, just run. He is not the person you want to be associated with, he will only destroy you and those around you. My kids have been doing without for 6 months now because of him, he tells them he doesn’t want anything to do with them while I am in the picture. He is an over the road trucker so the chances of you running into him are pretty good no matter where you are in the U.S.

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Addition to article…the female in the picture is not me it is his next victim and the poor soul does not have a clue of the real him. He is without a doubt the worst human possible as he thinks everyone else is lower than him and he dislikes people especially his children, if he cared I wouldn’t be on this website. Oh and he’s an ex-con, murder an innocent man who was just protecting his business.

I just need to say, Loser`s like this jerk make good guy`s , like my self , look bad , it makes a woman not want to be with men , and it make`s are job so much harder. and dont know how any man could not want to be with his kids , and dont care if the do with out like stuff they need for school and even eating , just wish jerk`s like this one were never born , it would make men`s job`s easier, well cant say to much becuase i got to be nice im sure , just a jerk and that is being nice. hope you get him, the gov, should do a lot more , so truck driver`s that do over the road and dont have an address , will still have to pay , they make them then they should pay for them , good luck.

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This deadbeat did get caught, did pay for about 18 months but again has decided he is more important that his youngest son who is the only one left he has to help support. He is remarried, the lady either has no idea what this man is really like or she is totally the same as him. He is only behind a couple of months but he will get further behind because he is probably thinking he doesn’t need to give up his money to me for the support of his son. I just wish that he would be caught, lose his CDL and his life go to hell like he is trying to do to me and my family.

This loser has been granted by a judge in Florida to never have to pay child support again and he doesn’t have to pay the arrears that he has accumulated over the last 6 months. Florida Domestic Relations has closed my case so they are as bad as he is and all the other dead beat dads out there. Domestic relations are not for the children, they don’t care if they get the money you need to take care of those children. The government is corrupt and deadbeats are getting away with it because of the government.
MARTY EUGENE WHITE is the scum of the earth and has the nerve to say that he is a good person and a good dad, when he has only shown his children selfishness and abuse. How he can be a heartless son of a bitch and not care of anyone but himself.

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