Maryland’s number one deadbeat.

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His name is John Johnson. He works at a strip club and he totally neglects his kids. This guy is 40 years old and spends all his money on theme parks and haunted attractions. He calls himself Quazi and operates a website called coasterquazi. He has sweatshirts and tshirts made up with his own picture on it and he is a member of a freeloading group of people called the Baltimore scare crew who go to haunted attractions and review them. Funny thing is he never takes his kids to these attractions or theme parks and doesnt pay child support. He also spends alot of money on tattooing theme park names and roller coasters pictures on himself. His girlfriend is an ex-con and he lives with her in her parents basement and pays them no rent. He doesnt spend anytime with his kids and it is rumored he has genital warts/herpes.

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I just want to add to what Chucksmooth posted: John has five kids, five different women. He is accused (although not formally charged) of child molestation of his youngest (a girl) and is a convicted child abuser of my son (broke his right femur at 5 weeks old). He refuses to pay a dime of child support, although he can run with his ex con girlfriend here, there and everywhere, along with buying whatever they want. He thankfully had a vasectomy ten years ago. (Although when you are cheating on your girlfriend with everyone under the sun lord knows what disease he has.) The best way to describe him is he lives on champagne while his kids live on hot dogs.

Who slept with him? U? Ok, so this is pointless. U must have herpes too. Now everyone knows u have herpes

Let me just add a few more tidbits. He works at the Pussycat Club on Baltimore St and deals drugs on the side with his ex con girlfriend Tina. He thinks he can avoid court papers when served to him and tells his toothless friend Scott Harris who works for Capital Meats not to give his ex any info. Saturday Oct 9 he will be at Jasons Woods in PA. He also sometimes works sundays at Kims Krypt in Dundalk MD. If you want to meet this loser he will be at the essex park and ride saturday at 545. Oh and FUhomewrecker, you all but just admited he has herpes. From what ive heard lately…he might have contracted HIV from his gf.

I just feel if you are doing your part, then there’s no need to post on here. Ur just making yourself look bad. That is all

FUHomewrecker…first I have no diseases. Second, I guessing you don’t know what it feels like to constantly have to tell your child “no” because bio-dad didn’t feel like paying child support because haunted attractions or amusement parks are more important. I really am tired of struggling and having my son disappointed over and over again because of this guy. So unless you wish to understand where I am coming from, then stay out of it. My son deserves better than what he has for a “donor.”

And ChuckSmooth…thank you!

It’s really sad and pathetic that men don’t pay child support. However it’s just as pathetic that people cant be grown ups and discuss things. Instead they post things like this on the internet and involve a lot more people than this issue is even about.

Now it’s time for me to speak on this matter. Before so, I’d like to ask the administrator of this site if it is in common practice to post such “stories” without doing any type of research on the claims being made? To any logical person, this simply is a site where scorned parents can freely trash the fathers without anyone knowing the whole story. Basically, it’s Jerry Springer-ish. Very white trash! With that being said, here’s the “other side” of THIS story.

First off, chucksmooth is a coward who hides behind a fake name because he’s too scared to make these accusations face to face with me. As far as spending all my money on Haunted attractions and theme parks, here’s same fact for you. Fact 1, I spend $50 a year to go to Six Flags and an average of $30 each time I go throughout the season. Sound costly to you so far? Fact 2, The haunt season is approximately 7 weeks out of the year and averages $55 to $60 tops per weekend. Which brings me to my next point. The Baltimore Scare Crew PAYS for every attraction they go to and never expects a free ride. Any haunt that we’ve been to can attest to this FACT! I have taken my son, Ryan to Jason’s Wood’s this year with the Scare crew. Scare crew events are usually only for members though. Next issue now. Yes, I have a Coaster quazi shirt made up with my face on it to promote my new website over the past year. Cost of shirt $22. I’m into public relations. I agree my pic was a bit too much, but I’m still learning to be humble. As far as my tattoo’s are concerned, they were done over a period of 4 years, not all at once. I dont live in someones parents basement. Never did and have always paid rent wherever i’ve stayed. The rumor of genital warts and herpes is just that. A rumor. I’ve never had an STD in my life. My medical records can prove that and provide FACTS! Was I accused of child molestation, YES! Was there any evidence to file charges against me, NO! After an investigation and a trip to Balto. Co. police headquarters in Towson for a lie detector test, no evidence was found of any kind of molestation. The accusation sickened me so much that I decided to stop visitation with my daughter. I didn’t need to take a chance on being falsely accused of anything else since I had been 5 years out of prison for something else I simply didn’t do. I was only convicted of child abuse because Vickie refused to tell what actually happen to our son for him to acquire a broken femur. So, here’s what your not being told. I worked 10 hours day after Johnnie was born while Vickie was at home all day. My parents remember visiting our son periodically and mentioning that the neighbors were constantly running in and out of our apartment while I was at work. We lived in the village of tall trees at the time. So, anyone who remembers that complex, knows how dangerous it was. I came home one night and while I was changing johnnie’s diaper, noticed his leg wasnt moving. I called 911, went to the hostpital. was interviewed by CPS and the police. I told them everything I did prior to the discovery. Thats when the police said that, if neither one of us would confess to the abuse, Johnnie, would be put in foster care till he was 18. I couldn’t see that happening to one of my kids, so I took the fall and did the time in prison for it to keep him out of the state’s hands. We all know where that would’ve ended him. If any mother truly believe that someone hurt their child, they would never let that person near them ever, dont you think? Vickie has plenty of times. Folks, there are sooo many holes in her story that it’s comical to listen to the transcripts from the trail like I have. She’s a chronic liar and her parents dont even want anything to do with her. Here’s another fact your not being told. For over 2 years, I paid $100 to $120 a week in child support to Vickie after we dropped the case from court. I have the signed receipts in my safe. Only reason I’m not paying her right now is because she refused a weeks worth of child support when I owed for two weeks. I had every intention of doubling up the following week, but that wasn’t good enough. So said stated she was gonna take me back to court, which is what I’m waiting for now! I’ll admit to being a deadbeat on my daughter’s child support because of bad decision making. But I’m working on getting that caught up now and to get my license back. Im clearly not the number 1 deadbeat in maryland when I sit in support court back in September with the $750 owed in my hand and hear the cases before me that are up to $28,000.
In closing, I hope this response helps clarify things for those who do and do not know me!

P.S. I’ve never dealt drugs. If I did, I’d be very wealthy right now!

After reading this I dont know any of you but it does seem like some Jerry springer stuff which it is embarrassing an putting all your business out there an its sad. This site really does seem to be more of a targeting an bitter site for those that are not really upset about the Child Support but moreso they seemed to be scorned an want to make the other look like Ish….. I actually feel sorry for Quazi he seems to be making alot of since in the matter. Again I dont know either of you but just like FuHomewrecker said if he has herpes an warts how did you findout an if you know he sleeps around without protection as many on this here site have stated you have been guilty of the samething yourself. Use the site for what it is intended for instead of airing all your damn business. Geesh an shaking my head . By the way I have a deadbeat baby daddy of my oldest child but I think if he could do for him he would however he cant get a good job an well I have a good job an takes care of him myself . But I wont Post it on here because really its not solving a damn thing. Not like yall gonna pay it so why tell you or anyone to avoid it let them findout for themself just like you did . Not like a Child Support Enforcement Officer gonna look on here an get you the help you need thats why you go to court not an Website to so called warn others of a Dead Beat ! I only checked this site out because a friend of mine told me to look at it. So I signed up just to comment. Get A Life!!!!!! An let them So called Dead Beats Live till they really Die!

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