Matthew T. Culpepper, Sr

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Matthew T. Culpepper aka Baby Blue.

We can start with the fact that I am a deadbeat father of 6 …. yes 6 by 6 women! I recently had one of the mom’s drop some Karma on my by dumping our son on me, I am happy to have him, but hate the fact that he takes too much of my time. I am low enough to have a child with my 1st cousin! I had 3 kids born in one year and 2 of them are a month apart. I dont pay child support for any of them. I have all the contact information for the moms and still refuse to pick up the phone. I am such a deadbeat that one of my kids is about to get adopted and I didn’t even bother to show for court. My oldest little girl knows I am her father, but I don’t bother with calls..” I mean she is 8 and if she don’t call me why should I call her?” My 2nd oldest (7) lives in the same town as I do and I even had custody rights to see her, but I don’t bother. Then a boy (5) is also in the same town, but I don’t like to deal with his mom so I just avoid the Kid all together. Then a girl (3) she is the one about to get adopted….. yet again, not interested. Then another boy (2) he is with my first cousin, again he lives in the same town of West Palm Beach and I don’t like to talk about him because he is like my own cousin. Then the one I got now (2), dumped on me by my soon to be ex wife. everyone knows that neither one of us is any good to this kid, but some one HAS to take care of him. He will probably be just like me. I will raise him to spit on women, smack them around, call them panty droppers make a lot of little kids so my “spawn” of a family can grow.

YEP, I am on the look out for baby number 7…. any offers?
I get you knocked up and dump you.
I don’t pay child support, bother with visits or calls.
I don’t like to stay steady…. and all this while lying to your face.
PLUS…. you ready….. I will tell them all, I love them and it’s mommy’s fault you can’t see me.

if you too wanna be the spawn of my kid, drop me a line, i will give you my number.


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Hey there, I don’t know which ‘baby mama’ you are, but I just need to clarify the record. I’m #4, and the legal proceedings are not for my husband to be given step-parent rights, but COMPLETE SEVERANCE OF RIGHTS. In the words of the law, it will be as if she was born to me and my husband.

For the other 5 who don’t want the “fight” that he keeps threatening, when he was finally served, he couldn’t take 5 seconds to respond that he did not consent. His lack of interest put him in default, he has no say in ANYTHING that goes on for the next few months. He’s already been defeated, even if his bench warrant didn’t exist and he was allowed to leave Florida and his newest sugar momma paid for him to come up here, he wouldn’t be allowed to say a damn thing in court. And now that his disinterest in being a part of her life is on the record, he can be well assured that the severance of rights will come with a permanent restraining order.

He’s a scared little boy; a heartless and miserable narcissist that finds flaws in others that he refuses to admit he’s the guiltiest of them all. Tell him to kick rocks, and get a legally binding document to back it up!!

Wow I feel as if I was reading an article on my Son’s Dead Beat Dad he has around 10 kids 7 that I could verify…ALL BY DIFFERENT WOMEN! He just like yours was granted custody of one of his children. The mother went to prison. Now his girlfriend thinks they have the perfect little family…. But she is missing one thing…All of his children. So sad.

Nothing lower than this guy. Except maybe the wh…. or sl.. who gave themselves willingly to him. Well, you know. You knew who he was when you procreated with him.

one of the baby momma’s Iris Vicario is a deadbeat mother and she admitted on Judge Mathis she committed Domestic Violence against Matthew Culpeper

Wow. I wish I had known beforehand. She said she could only prove 6 kids, I would’ve gladly given her more ammo.

I have baby with him and am currently in a long standing relationship with him. I WILL NOT give my daughter a number because she is NOT that. I’m sorry if your relationship with him didn’t work out but this is no way to seek your revenge. He is an amazing father to our 4 children, one of which he is not the biological father. It is not too often you see a man step up and raise his children as a single parent, before we got together, he was exactly that! Before we met he had custody of 2 of his children and since this is anonymous (and he certainly didn’t create this) this entire post could have been created by a disgruntled ex girlfriend. I’m sorry whomever started this was so hurt that they lashed out in such a way, but bringing innocent children into the crossfire is not the answer.

But airing your (and our!) dirty laundry on Judge Mathis was VERY couth of you…

Fortunately, my child is no longer “just a number” like she was to him when I wrote my first comment. His rights have been revoked (he also used my car & my money to sleep with, and create, those two children that he’s been caring for, while I was still pregnant). My daughter will never know of his existence, she has an amazing daddy that’s loved her since I was smart enough to get away from Mr Serial BabyMaker (wasn’t that your term?).

Good luck to you & yours, but after what you just aired on NATIONAL TV, I wouldn’t put any more of my eggs in his basket.

I was wrong. I should have listened. Now my daughter is added to the long list of abandoned children by this man.

Sorry to hear that, truly. We were all given the warnings, but we also given the “they were all crazy” follow-up. If you were strong enough to live WITH him, then you’re strong enough to live WITHOUT him!! All the best, and you know how to find me if you ever need to vent.

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