Michael Dorsey

Posted on : 04-09-2011 | By : reallytho | In : Deadbeat Dads, Pennsylvania


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Michael Dorsey from 4600 block of Kendrick st.. as decided he will not support his son that he chose to have. he claims to be the best dad in the world on Facebook and to ppl that know him.. however many do not know that he has a sons that he does not claim or take care of.. he has also had a daughter recently that he claims to be his pride and joy along with son of his nieces and nephews but not his own kids.i doubt if all the women he deals with even know about all of his children.because his family dont or they claim to have no knoweledge of them. to this day he has only seen one of his son once and the others he no longer sees based on his new relationships with different women he has children by. he does not pay child support because he claims to be “crazy” so that he can receive a ssi check. he’s in and out of prison and is a true dead beat.

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