Michael Richard Pedros..needing to locate to serve papers so I can get child support.

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This man is like the other losers on this site.. a deadbeat.

I was in a relationship with Michael Pedros for close to 15 years and during that time we did have a child.

I left the abuser.. and yes I can say that because he has warrants in Ontario for Assult and Uttering threats so there is just a tad of what this guy is like.

I left Mike January 2010, packed up 2 suitcases, and my daughter from the relationship and left everything I had accumulated during the relationship.

I will disclose that I am an alcoholic.. who is in recovery and been clean since July 24, 2010. July 22, 2010 our child was apprehended by CAS and July 23, I was in hospital fighting for my life as my B.A.L. was 1.08. Once I got my head on straight the first thing to do was to attempt to get my child out of the Children’s Aid. I would like to say that Mr. Pedros helped with this however when our daughter was in CAS he was contacted and did not even attempt to get his own kid out of care? WHO DOES THAT? This man was given the opportunity to come and grab his daughter and he didn’t however he did come to Ontario and flew the new girlfriend to his sisters wedding.. Seriously!!!

Because this individual is in the construction field I have not been able to locate him to serve him papers regarding custody or support. I mean how is this allowed.. how is this legal? He has a new child with the girlfriend (I am glad for the girlfriend because she kept him occupied while I got to work on me) But how can this “sperm donor” continue to make children and then dispose of them like an old toy.. Oh yeah I forgot it’s all about making the babies and not supporting them financially, emotionally, or mentally.

I think men need to understand that the issues young kids who do not have a father in their life are the ones who suffer. I mean abandoment issues are huge, rejection, low self esteem, and then usually drug and alcohol usage to cope with numbing the pain that “my dad doesn’t want or love me!”

I say fuck you to these losers….

Stand up.. be a man.. and pay for your responsibilities instead of everyone else.. including the government to pick up your pieces.

There are so many women on the system because of losers like this.. why should tax payers and Canadian citizen’s have to be responsible for these men?

Give the women who are on welfare and can’t locate their “deadbeat” a job within the government to locate these men.. guaranteed it will not take years for them to be found!!

I am a mother who will not give up the fight to find this guy because if my government isn’t doing anything… fuck them.. I will do it!!

Don’t give up even thought it is frustrating.. these dogs will have their day!! GUARANTEED!!

Karma.. what goes around.. comes around baby!!!

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Last known location: Edmonton AB or Stettler AB

Girlfriend: Carling Killam

New Child: Sawyer.. 7th child.

Mr. Pedros has previously been employed with Graham Construction Calgary AB, Fuller Construction Ottawa ON, Marco Construction Moncton NB.

Although with these companies he was employed as a Construction Superintendent with outstanding warrants I doubt he would have been able to pass the c-pic portion of the application.

His experience would be more in the concrete division of the trades aspects.

Seems like the guys like to work construction because it doesn’t require them to be paid by traceable means. And the owners of the companys are just about as bad for not honouring court garnishments. How they love to screw over the exwives and children. I am always amazed at how much these dick heads (yes the ones that think with their dicks not their brains) believe the BS that the DBD’s tell them.

Michael Pedros I miss that little girl , man do I miss her.. July 22 at 2:32pm… This is what he has posted with a picture of him and our daughter from 2 years ago… seriously he wrote that he missed her?

Ok Mr. Pedros.. riddle me this…you missed her soooo much right that when you had a chance to get her out of CAS or better yet when CAS granted you 1 phone call from her while she was in care you didn’t even answer your phone right? I know this because Sue had actually contacted me to tell me she was allowing you to talk to her.. so you knew the date and time she was calling.. and what do you do… after it rings twice you reject the call .. knowing that the call you were receiving was the one that should have mattered most in your life?……….does this guy seriously think he is fooling anyone?

I mean his own daughter is the one who said “Mom it only rang twice and then went to his answering machine!!!

So boo hoo Mike.. play the victim like I am the bad guy.. the one who knows the truth about that phone call is your own daughter!!!

Who’s the trick now?

The truth is the best policy Kelly Hamilton you are a liar and guess your not really working the program are you!! This is completely in character for the person you are which for any of those who care for the truth are an abuser of human’s, Animal and all things good…especially your daughter who had to call CAS herself because she was afraid for her safety while you were doing drugs, drinking ands threatening her harm and having strange men near her and you lost custody for over a year because you are a drug addict and alcoholic… The above is slander and he has offered to send you money many times via email because since you decided to steal D from her whole family accept the mentally incapable you have ignored every form of communication from any of us and we have email proof because you have responded while stoned or drunk stating that all was fine and go die something like that and when you took your 2 suitcases you did not even pack a change of underware for D…you made sure to pack all of your clothing and suitcase of make-up yet left everything Debra’s including clothes, toy’s and anything she should have had and a jewlery case that she had just gotten from her nanny who passed away the poor child…you will loose her again because you are weak and D will find us and her Father and as the police are concerned they have had many calls to your matrimonial home when over the last 15 years you abused Micheal, D and Alex, you were removed and the children were left in Michael’s care…and even though Alex was not Michael’s child he still took care of another man’s son…don’t see his name here Vinny how much has he paid you…how many false reports did you make on Vinny??? You are now living in Toronto however your drug debts in Napnee are still outstanding Kelly…might want to clear that up…This is harrassment and Slander…Micheal never flew to Ontario with anyone and the proof is in the lack of any flights booked…in fact the only time he flew here is when you packed up all your stuff and left D’s right after Michael moved out east and not west lady…he had no choice you abandoned the cat with no food, water or anything and also lied to Michael that you had left the dog as well and you had taken the dog with you which later you and your family beat to death and yes we have emails from you that this is what happened…should not send stuff out while drunk…and as for how many children Michael has there are 4 counting his newest little angel child..he looks so much like D…of course that is wonderful! And Michael is up to date with his child support for his first 2 children so really Kelly?? The only reason you are not getting money and you would because he has offered to send western union or even to a PO box or into your account and you have refused…you are not trying very hard to find him other then slandering his name here and god only no where else because I know where he is! I even offered to be part of D’s life and tried to have her come live with me, however you are so abusive that you preferred to keep her in foster care and I feel so sad for my little angel girl she is terrified of you and ever having to to go back to foster care. D told me on one of our last visit’s a year ago because that’s how long you have kept her from us so far, she told me she knew how to use people finder and she said”do not worry Trishy…I can find you when Mommy does this agian” Michael is the victim, but not the only victim…his whole family and poor D are also your victims…I am wondering if we should forward this to CAS ….Kelly…this is not a well person who wrote the above get some help and every one out there please do not take the word of a diagnosed bi-polar (her sister told us this via email), alcholic, druggie who is clearly not following the CAS order to stay clean nor trying to help D….we all miss D very much and her life would be better with us…because with you she we only turn out like you sadly, however thank goodness D is so very smart and will be able to leave you sooner rather then later as she will be old enough in a few years and your evil reign will end for D sadly anyone else left near you wil still suffer…sadly Aunty Trishy We Love you Kiddo (D)…

BTW…the only reason we know this is even on-line is you made sure it was posted on Michael’s new Wife’s FB….can’t stop trying to hurt others eh?? It sickens me…I raised my children on my own and I did not even for one minute ever consider loosing them or using them to cause harm to others…dear god women get help…you need it, start being honest with your sponsor at AA…work the steps…do you want D to grow up to be you…did your own Mother not pimp you out..is that whats in store for D…clearly trying to keep D from a family that is good and kind even to you after you slept with my boyfriend in my bed while I was out…I still tried…so hard what is wrong with you get HELP or if there is someone is out there if you know this woman please I beg you make sure my baby D is safe clearly she is not if this what Kelly is doing with her time…get off the internet and spend some time with D…God sees all..man not how I would anyone to see me, but least of all god because one day we all meet our maker and we are forced to face the harm vs good we caused in life…I am sick for you and will pray because only god can help as you clearly are not helping yourself or D!!!

Wow… Thank you for posting this Trisha.. This is slander! And you will be served with the appropriate documents because you can’t go around in this Country and say things that are inaccurate.

As for Mike Pedros, has he paid a dime for his daugher since last year when I left?

When Boo was in CAS and the worker Sue Rintz contacted him and set up a time to converse with Debra did he answer the phone?

The end of our court date did you come to state your concern?

All of the above is NO!!!!

I actually appreciate what you have wrote because it goes to show who is the one with the problem.. so thank you Trish for making me the centre of your universe..I can see I have struck a chord and with all your lies that you have documented I will be contacting a lawyer..

The facts are the same your brother is a deadbeat who makes children and doesn’t pay for them… So really in actuality who is worse.. the deadbeat or the woman who is ranting that she was a single mother and is protecting the accused?

See you in court!!

Cheers :)

Well , well ,well…at your old tricks Kelly . I have been trying to reach you for months and months to give support but you would sooner ignore emails and try to make your self look like a vicitm yet again.
The above which you wrote is both wrong and erroneous …I cannot believe that a site would allow such lies. Oh well.
I do love my daughter it is just you that I do not ever want to see again. As I said in my numerous emails please send info as to where I can send support. I am not intrested in knowing where you live. Get a PO box and I will send money as per the goverment scale.
I will not get into a slander bout except to say I had no idea that my duaghter was even taken away from you for a good 2 months. I was also pretty much told that you and CAS were working out arrangemnts for you to get her back. So why go through the hell of court. I know you love going to court and have always acted like it is a big outing…..for most people the prospect of court is unnerving and tiresome.
Please FORWARD A PO NUMBER AND I WILL BEGIN PAYMENTS as I did when I knew where to send money before and yes I do have a record of all money transfers from my bank account.
For the record !!!!!

Well I would like to thank you for appearing out of the blue Michael Pedros…As for this non sense regarding a PO box hmm well I do have a problem with that see the court’s depict that Both parents have a responsibility to financially support their children. If you do not have custody, the amount of child support you must pay is based on your income and the number of children. Which includes Income Tax returns for the past 3 years!

Now this being said.. myself giving you a PO box would meerly allow you to what.. just start to pay or I would assume that since you were frantically trying to email me to get me money you what……oh that’s right you saved up 21 months of child support?

Hmm another thing….I also don’t understand how giving you a PO box will enable me to serve you papers regarding the custody of our daughter; as it is difficult trying to get her a passport? And ha ha ha don’t you have to pay for a PO box.. so you want me to pay money so you can what.. throw me a bone to shut me up?

Oh I know what it is you have warrants out for your arrest and are afraid to come to Ontario to again take accountability and responsibility… obviously something that is foreign to you.

What I need is for you to be a grown up .. put on your big boy pants and pay for what you owe!!! So…

Your address would be awesome and then I can serve you papers and the court will make the appropriate decision. I am done with you and your family. I don’t play by your rules, I play with what is in accordance to justice. Because really from here on in with all the malice, lies, anger, and hostility that has been wrote.. I want documentation..I want things to be filed.. I want the truth to come out!

Like I stated to Trisha Pedros I will see you in court!!

Address is all I need!!

You haven’t changed a bit. I offered you child support now and in the past. I am not throwing a bone as you say. My address is on the CAS documents which where served to me after you lost our Daughter..which I had no idea of.
You miss me that much that you need to see me that bad the only way is to get me into court…ha . I must be the center of your univierse. lol
I did not just pop up I have been trying for months to contact you and with nothing but silence from your end. What do you want me to do if I don’t know where to send money ..???? I suggest you put on your big girl pants and move on enough slander and anger it does no one any good . You must have a bank account no? by the way go after your ex, he owes you 18 years of support might be bigger fish there? This will be our last contact in this forum.

@CelticKely I’m a television producer taping a show on deadbeat dads next week. I’d love to talk to you about your story. You can reach me at 212.419.7413. Thanks! Hope to hear from you.


I would love an update.

Let’s just say that today I am truly grateful for his ex putting him in the Family Responsibility Office. :) Due to this government agency they have taken care of my claim for me!

Lol and a court of law will be judging the amount and duration of child support he pays..not him! So February 2010 – Current = 22 months.. ouch!

Run Run as fast as you can…your gonna get caught by the Child Support Man!! Not if the Karma Police get to him first!

I mean something that is unforgivable is that he did leave his child to rot in CAS and didn’t take her phone call (the one he knew about and she still remembers too!) I would be so ashamed of myself not only as a man …but as a human being for that!

Due to not only support on Crappy Dads but other websites; it has been amazing! Women have contacted me to thank me for giving them the encouragement to do something..when all seems like it’s hopeless..it’s not!! I have also had a huge number of men contact me as they are fathers and can’t believe that a “man” would leave his child in CAS.

Don’t allow others to shut you up or try to humiliate you into giving up..Keep Fighting! I not only exposed this guy for being abusive emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially….. but I showed his character!

I will continue to fight for what I believe in..my daughter because at the end of the day; she is the one it’s about!!!!

I will continue to update!!! :)


Girl, karma is already biting YOU in the ass, but you don’t know it yet.

Take care of your drug and alcohol problems, after that, you may post here. Nobody cares about your insane ravings, even more, it provides a source of endless entertainment.

I need a drink after reading all this!

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