Michigans Finest Deadbeat Dad

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Hi my name is Lisa Little. My sister Magan Matwyuk has three beautiful girls, ages 2,4,7. My sister recently got a divorce. Her x-husband, Frank Matwyuk, kidnapped all three of her girls in January of 2010 from her home in Michigan. She fought to get them back and they are home safetly now. Let me tell you her story. Megan was married to Frank for about 8 years. She was a wonderful wife to him. She gave him 3 beautiful girls. She the type of person that works and works to keep her kids taken care of and to give them most of the stuff that they want. Through out her marriage her husband cheated, lied and was a part time dad to his kids. Frank spent many days away from home with other girls while Megan worked and took care of their kids by herself. My sister and I was out one night for a girls night out. It was a way to tell me goodbye since I was moving to Florida a couple of weeks from then. We went away for about 3 hours and came back to find her house trashed and her kids and Frank gone. She called everyone including the police trying to find out where Frank had taken her children. A couple of days later she found out that Frank was in Nevada with her kids. He had decided to take them to his dads house. It took her about 3 months to finally get her babies back home. This past year has been really rough on her. Frank is about $8,000 behind on child support. In the last 15 months my sister has only seen about $500 from Frank. She tries so hard to make sure her children have everything they want and need but its hard for a single mom of three to do this with no help. Frank has parenting time that the courts gave him. He is allowed to call the girls a couple of times a week at a scheduled time. Over half the time he doesnt even bother to call. Right now he is living in Kingman Arizona with a woman named Rebecca Jones. The picture I have posted is of Frank and his most recent girlfriend Rebecca. Rebecca has three kids of her own and is supporting Franks choice to abandon his three girls. Rebecca has 2 boys and a girl. Frank considers Rebecca’s kids as his own. I dont know how anyone can abandon his kids and take care of some other mans kids. Its sickning that a woman that has kids would support this. Frank also possibly has a newborn son in Nevada. This newborn he disowns. I mainly posted this to let other women know about Frank. He tends to cheat and lie to his girlfriend. So ladies if you see Frank run the other way. Hes Michigan, Nevada and Arizonas top DEADBEAT DAD.

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This is Megan I really appreciate my sister doing this for me but I would like to correct a few things she got mixed up. My children were gone for 1 month not 3 frank tried to give my girls to his dad in nevada they took me to court out there and thankfully the courts didnt believe a word that was said. My girls were gone from January 10, 2010 until Feb 9th of 2010. We are also certain the other baby in Nevada is franks he looks just like frank does. Its hard being a single parent I just wish all the dads that wont take care of their kids would step up. The only ones that suffer are the kids.

Update… Frank Matwyuk is no longer living in Arizona with Becca. For more information about Frank look under Michigan. There will be updated information there.

Thank you SO very much for posting this. You just saved me a LOT of heartache. I’m very sorry that you had to endure having such an asshole for a husband and brother-in-law.

Frank has now left his 3rd wife for another woman. This time he lied to everyone, including his 3 children, by telling them he was going on vacation. His oldest daughter is turning 13 on the 29th of this month and his youngest will be 8 on the 25th. By the way it looks he has no intentions of being there with his daughters. Good luck with this pathetic excuse of a father and husband, Holly Moon (Thompson).

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