Mike/Mikey/Michael Heller, Jr, please grow up or give up. NC isn’t that big and people talk

Posted on : 24-08-2011 | By : goldimom | In : Deadbeat Dads, North Carolina


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This deadbeat thinks he’s gotten away with it. He hasn’t paid in almost the entire 9 years he’s had to pay child support. He’s the one who took me to court to pay it in the first place, I didn’t even go after him. But since he owes and won’t pay, well, he’s a deadbeat and I’m tired of it. He lives with a girlfriend and supposedly has no job or car and will not pony up his address to me. Time is running out on this fool as finally all the pieces are coming together. His own parents who claim to value their granddaughter over his lifestyle have hidden him away and lied for him. I left because of the drugs and lies and the embarrassment of it all. His poor little girlfriend Michelle probably thinks I’m the crazy one…they’ve yet to see crazy.

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