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This is my ex husband….wow was I fooled into believing he was a great guy! Only six months after our daughter was born and only two months after being married, he decided that he wanted to jump the fence because the grass looked greener on the other side. She was well off, owned the business he worked for but could not find her own man. He only exercised his visitation a few times, we were divorced, and they were married a week later….Then she decided her family needed my child support more than our daughter did, and the payments stopped. Our daughter is now 15 almost 16, and he is over $14,000.00 behind in his obligation. He has had his license suspended about 10 times but somehow goes in and sweet talks someone into giving him his license back, by making a small payment, only to never make another payment until his license is suspended again. He spends no time with his daughter, refuses to accept any of her phone calls, and does not even acknowledge her birthday or Christmas. He and his wife ran her business into the ground, and they lost all the money he thought she had!!! He refuses now to get a job where he actually gets a legitimate pay check. He does everything he can to get his child support reduced claiming he has no real income, he also collects $600.00 a month in food stamps, but refuses to pay any type of support…claiming…”WHY DO YOU KEEP PUSHING TO GET YOUR SUPPORT IT IS NOT LIKE I CAN EVER GET OUT OF PAYING YOU WILL GET YOUR MONEY EVENTUALLY!” The only problem with eventually is our daughter needs his support now! Not just the monetary support but the physical and mental support also. Talk about a dead beat…..he lives in Pensacola, Fl. hides not only from his daughter but from his obligations as well. His current wife carries his balls in her purse…..

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Girl! That is insane.. Call me I might be able to help I’m working on a show that calls out deadbeat dads.. (347) 948-9344 xo, Ashley

You knew who he was when you procreated with him.

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