Miles Meredith – Deadbeat Dad of the Year!!!

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Camron Miles Meredith chose to not pay child support or have contact with his 3 teenage children since August of 2010. He has married a woman with 2 children of her own, after a lengthy separation & divorce and thinks that his children are no longer their concern. Once a cheater always a cheater.

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WTH??? Did he marry his sister? Ugh!

Any woman who stays with a man who abandons his children is a PIG.

I agree with you BornSlippy. It makes them just as much as a deadbeat as the man! It’s much more convenient for you to take care of my children then your own….. losers!!

So true. the wife has as much fault!! Tell your man to step up and take care of HIS kids.

All deadbeats should be tossed in a large pit, which is laced with gasoline, and a stick of dynamite should be tossed in, at least we could get SSI for our children then.

Lmao @ kayla2183. That was funny

lol Kayla i honestly like the sound of that , my babies father should be first in line to go

I don’t even want to begin to talk about that poor excuse of a man that is my babies father. My daughter has a rare muscles disorder. She can’t crawl, sit up, or walk. She lost her swallow due to weak throat muscle so we have to feed her through a feeding tube. She also suffers from respiratory failure so she will be on a ventilator for life. The doctors gave her a year to live but she has made it to two and a half!! That dumb ass doesn’t give a rat’s ass about her. She has been in the hospital several times and he doesn’t even know about it. He doesn’t call at all and I haven’t spoken to him since Jan. 4 of this year. I’m waiting on my submission to be posted. I can’t stand his ass, running around making babies and don’t give a shit about them (excuse my french but I’m mad!). I’m waiting on child support, but it’s taking forever!

That’s awful Kayla :( What a complete piece of crap he sounds like . My babies Dad is 34 he would rather provide for his 55 year old girlfriend & her 78 year old mom then his children he has a huge case of LoveSick,ness he puts others needs & feelings before my babies it maybe wrong to feel but if that Loser died tonight i would go out and celebrate.

I’m still waiting on mine to be posted up on here too it has been almost two Months now i don’t think it’s necessarily for them to be up on here for weeks at a time before new ones are posted give these Heartless losers their 15 minutes of deadbeat fame then put up new ones ( atleast daily)seems it is sooooo many it’s just ridiculous these Dads don’t understand what their missing out on.

That is so true. They don’t know what they are missing out on. My daughters father the last time he saw her was in Sept last yr. Only because I took her with me to court we had a court date and he hadn’t seen her for 2 months prior. He try to play it off like she don’t excist. He is living a double life. I’m also waiting on my submission to be posted.

You bitches with kids by deadbeat fathers are the real sad story and your poor choices in men and your broken homes you raise your children in are testament to how FUCKING STUPID you are!

Those deadbeats didn’t magically become losers before they had children (nobody but you really believes otherwise). They already were and you’re just as much, if not more of a loser as they are cause YOU CONTROL WHO GET’S YOU PREGNANT!

It’s very un-PC to tell you this but all us men of means think about you letting those broke ass – no nothing ass men leave their unprotected dicks shoot their load up in your now soggy ass pussies and knocking you up.

Fuck that – PASS!


You’ve got nothing better to do than attack single moms? Not all of the deadbeats were like that when the women met them. My son’s father was great till I was four months pregnant then up and left. People dont always show their true colors for a long time. I feel sorry for anyone who ever gets involved with you, it’s clear you never learned any respect and you hate women. Most likely your mother abused you and never taught you right from wrong. You don’t even take care of your kids either do you? Now go play in traffic!


You are correct. I do not have respect and I do hate single mothers like you and all the other bitches on here whining about their deadbeat childrens’ father.

I also hate that as a HNW single man my taxes pay for your initial and continuing poor choices aka fatherless children. (medicaid, food stamps, child care assistance, etc.)

I also don’t respect you bitches being so stupid to figure out that if you can’t get a man to commit to you (marriage) then he won’t commit to children he didn’t plan to have.

BTW my mother DISABUSED me of the kool-aid you and the other bitches on this site are trying to get people to drink:

You’re all some heroic and down-trodden single mother’s who were mystically and forcefully put in your position outside of your control or influence.

Excuse me? You think every single mother collects medicade, food stamps, and child care assistance? Your ignorance is entertaining, it proves how laughably dumb you are. Some of us actually pay our way. I pay for my childcare, never been on foodstamps! My son’s father pays support by the way. It comes out of his check. And many of us were MARRIED, try reading some time! I have a job, and my family was there for me. I never took your money so go fuck yourself.

You Sir are a piece of garbage. Get some help for your anger issues before you attack and rape some random woman on the street who you assume is taking your tax money.

Your mother did a terrible job. She should have had an abortion.

PS Bornslippy is a song. You wouldn’t know that, you dont know much about the rest of the world, sitting in your trailer behind your monitor, looking at rape porn.

On and on same o shit! Cry me a river!

You ma’am are a liar. You and all these other bitches are using everyone’s tax dollars at a minimum via:

Child Support & Child Support Enforcement

Who do you think pays the courts (judges, bailiffs, CS employees, etc.) salaries to enforce CS court orders against loser/deadbroke/deadbeat non-custodial parents? ——-> TAXPAYERS LIKE ME!

And since you, BornSloppy, made poor choices in men you’ve just as likely to have made poor choices in education and employment so you don’t pay much, if anything, of taxes cause YOU DON’T MAKE ANY MONEY cuz if you did you’d quit worrying about your deadbroke baby daddies and MAKE FUCKING MONEY!

Now the cold hearted truth is when us good looking, educated and moneyed men hear your same o sad story about being a single mom, all we can think of is how much of a Money Sinkhole (directly and indirectly) & Used-up the Pussy is.

Perfect Analogy:
Getting in a relationship with women with kids by other men is like paying top dollar for a porterhouse steak that someone else has already eaten from.


Paying new car price for a used car with 250k miles.
(new car=young, childless woman & 250k miles=your child/ren and corresponding baggage)



You have way too much time on your hands LOL! Trolling the internet for websites to start arguments with single parents. You’re mad at people for using the court system, mad at crime victims and stray puppies too? Let me guess you’re a tea bagger who hates the disabled for using your tax dollars for wheel chair ramps. Anyone else you’d like to pick on because you are so bitter about your useless life? Trust me no one believes for a second that you are not some scumbag who has to pay support for a child you don’t even bother to raise. I bet you have never done anything kind for someone in your life. My son’s father has mental issues from being in Iraq , mad at him too?

to “BornSlippy”

thank you, you speak for us!

to “you_picked_him”

very interesting sir, how you tell women raising children alone thanks to deadbeat scum that shirks their responsibility to their own flesh and blood offspring that THEY (these women raising children w/o help from good ol’ “dad” are somehow not working hard enough……wow!
being a single parent is full time work, these women are doing the IMPOSSIBLE by raising the children you and your ilk spawned , these ladies take on
other jobs, doing what seems impossible to lazy-ass scum like YOU, how can women who raise the children these men creeps abandoned get extra hours in the work week to make up for the COLD HARD FACT THAT THESE “MEN” who refuse to pay a pathetic amount of so called”child support”
are lying around like “welfare queens” you deadbeat “dad’s” are TRULY the biggest welfare cases, we carry you while you contribute NOTHING to your child’s well being, YET you have the GALL to call the woman that takes care of your child names, in my culture you would have been killed, Chiricahua Apaches did not put up with deadbeat dads, you should be ashamed for how you talk, your parents should be ashamed for raising you to hate your own flesh and blood children and the strong mothers who are raising them w/o your help, BELIEVE YOU CAN CHANGE! get right w/ God and your lazy deadbeat self!

You pick em is a bitter dead beat. What a loser!

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