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This man (term used loosely) preys on young women, usually with children (more vulnerable) He promises the world, and provides nothing but pregnancy. He has a line of crap 10 miles long. His current story is that he is a member of a band, The Hollywood Undead. Conveniently the members of this band wear masks… This enables him to ‘go on the road’ when in reality it is just an excuse to party with other women.
He is an abusive alcoholic, he is a sexual offender (in several states)
He is a compulsive liar as well.

Lance Applegate home sweet home and i cant wait till this weekend i am so looking forward to it…
22 hours ago
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Lance Applegate Going home tonight I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tuesday at 11:26am
Chaney Massey yae
Tuesday at 11:28am
Tracy Mayes Where is Home at???
Tuesday at 12:00pm
Kimberley Medrano Huh?
Tuesday at 12:05pm

Lance Applegate They say you can judge your life by the friends you keep if that’s the case i am the most blessed man on earth. To all my friends i love you all deeply and i am a better man for knowing you all……
November 11 at 7:58pm
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Vanessa Maggard awww i feel so good now wait was that for me to lol
November 12 at 9:42am
Heather Dewalt thank you lance you know that the people that judge us are the people that lose us. and no matter what i wont lose you.
November 12 at 3:56pm

Lance Applegate Finding love is the greatest feeling in the world and never did i think in a million years my soulmate would find me. I will never be as happy as i am right now………………………..
November 11 at 8:59am
Heather Dewalt who is she i must approve
November 11 at 9:31am
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Lance Applegate Well the weekend is almost upon us let the good times roll and the beer be ice cold..lol….
November 4 at 12:48pm

Lance Applegate

November 4, 2010
November 4 at 11:09am · Share
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November 1 at 8:33pm
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Chaney Massey thats for sure
November 1 at 8:44pm
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Lance Applegate When do we quit running from ourselves and sit back and find our better halves? How much can a man take before he finally wants to give up??? thanks to those who believe and FUCK those who dont, your not perfect and you never will be noone is. Life can be hard but not living it is to never know what coulda been….. Smile while you cry….
November 1 at 1:25pm
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Lance Applegate FUCK costume contests they are always rigged gay assed men win cause they wear a dress……. Other than that a good weekend……… God bless blondes…lol
November 1 at 1:17pm

Lance Applegate Lets get ready its friday night and the party is just getting ready to start and it wont end till sunday…. Watch out here we come…
October 29 at 10:31am
Curt Kristi Nicole Shelton your to old to be partyyy!!!
October 29 at 1:35pm
Tracy Mayes your never to old to party…PARTY IT UP HOMIE
October 29 at 8:36pm
Jeremy Cannon ur party never stopes
October 30 at 10:35am
Lance Applegate u know it
November 1 at 1:07pm

Lance Applegate So court went well and its time to party beeeyaches…
October 25 at 5:23pm

October 22 at 9:45am
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Lance Applegate Why are there some people out there who are nature lovers when nature did that to their faces….lmao
October 19 at 1:45pm

Tracy Mayes Things r goin alright. Anyway gf yet?
October 19 at 7:25pm
Lance Applegate something like that..lol
October 20 at 6:17pm

Lance Applegate It’s funny how people that talk shit about something they know NOTHING about really make themselves look really stupid.. Why can’t dumbasses just be seen and not heard it’s amazing that some of them can actually type a complete word let alone a whole sentence…When i read some of these dumb bithches posts i feel like …
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October 11 at 10:48am
Sandy Thompson yeah i know…..when you talk u look kinda stupid…expecially when someone catches u in a lie and u try to lie to get out of the first lie….the look on your face when some1 finds out about something that u lied about is soooo funny, then u lie to cover it up…..u say other people look stupid why dont you look in the mirror when you talk.
October 11 at 12:08pm
Tracy Mayes This Sandy Chick Is Loca , Ignore her shes nothin but drama lance
October 11 at 1:03pm
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Lance Applegate Well to those that say its better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all have never had true love. I sat at dinner looking at a model and all i could think about was the one that owns my heart. Love is trial and error but for me it seems more error than anything. I had true love and i set it free if it …
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October 9 at 1:20pm
Amanda Brewer who are you talking about?
October 13 at 1:20pm
Lance Applegate nevrmind it was about my stupid ex beeyach no worries..
October 13 at 5:29pm
Amanda Brewer whats new? you want one chick then go behind her back and want another one. what happenes if we did get together? You would still want someone else. Think about it for a minute. You actually think i want to come back to coos bay if your like that? come on man. you told me all the same things once. That you loved me and you miss me. Now you love someone else and miss them? Your alot of talk. thanks for leading me on.
October 22 at 12:44pm

Lance Applegate THANX a mill. for the party last night guys that was the best party i have ever had i still cant believe all the A listers that showed up it was a fkn blast.. And to that special little lady i had the pleasure of your company last night i cant wait to see you here in a few hours still cant believe my luck WOW…….
October 8 at 12:37pm
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Lance went from being “engaged” to “single.”
Lance Applegate i keep movin on and on and on… lmao single life rocks!!!!!
October 5 at 10:51am
Lance Applegate if i do i need to call collect is that cool?
October 5 at 12:28pm
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Lance Applegate so the results are in and anthonee is my son 99.99%……
July 16 at 2:36pm via Mobile Web

Lance Applegate so the results are in and anthonee is my son…… 99.99%…….
July 16 at 2:35pm via Mobile Web
Lance is engaged to Sandy Thompson.

Lance Applegate check out eminems new song NOT AFRAID on youtube it’s my life for sure.. Great Song!!!
June 24 at 8:59am via Mobile Web
Sandy Thompson yup it is. :)
June 24 at 7:35pm

Lance Applegate what truly measures a man? Is it when you get beat down at the worst times possible?, yet you can keep your head up.. If that’s the case I must be what people believe a man is.. Even after the worst weekend of my life I have kept my head up and I’m lookin forward to tomorrow sad that others want me to remember yesterday…
June 22 at 4:05pm via Mobile Web

Lance Applegate Sad day Jack our landlord passed away last night……
April 2 at 10:38am
Connie Johnson im sorry to hear about Jack
April 4 at 5:16pm

Lance Applegate Lance was shot to death at 12:30 late thursday the suspect is described as a white male in his late 30s 180 pounds long brown hair wearing a black trench coat
April 1 at 12:46pm

Lance Applegate

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Lance Applegate

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Lance Applegate whyd u stay up late last night? lol
March 22 at 6:00pm
Sandy Thompson mmmmm…i dunno lmao. :)
March 22 at 7:27pm
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Lance Applegate

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Lance Applegate

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Lance Applegate Livin in the Jungle Juice moment and cant remember my own name…………. lol
December 12, 2009 at 5:51pm
Kimberley Medrano wow
December 12, 2009 at 5:52pm
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Comments (23)

Lance Applegate now has a warrant out for his arrest.
Please notify the Coos County District Attorney in Coquille Oregon if you see this big shot slime ball!

Coos County Child Support
(541) 396-3121 Ext. 338
(541) 396-7174
(800) 850-0228
(503) 378-5567
(800) 735-2900
8:00 A.M. to Noon
1:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M.

This loser has moved on to another poor young girl and is currently wanted for failure to register as a sex offender. His latest claim to fame is that he is the manager for the not so well know music artist, Winston Ritter aka Dr War. When will people learn?

I don’t do music any longer and have no desire to. I don’t have any ties to Lance Applegate nor do I wish to. I don’t appreciate my name being tagged to this page either and would appreciate it if you take it down, immediately!

Perhaps you should make that clear to Mr Applegate, this was posted 3/15/14

“Lance Applegate
March 15
As Dr Wars new manager im asking anyone on facebook to look up Winston ritter see if you like his music …. my plan is to get him at least 2 grammys next year…. listen and see… you wont be disapoonted but listen to more than 1 song..”

Possible Upstairs Fight
According to an entry on the Coos Bay Police log for Saturday, May 24, 7:49 p.m., 100 block So. 10th St., “possible fight upstairs.” Forty-year old Lance Applegate arrested on two warrants out of CCSO charging Contempt of Court & Probation Violation, a warrant out of OSP charging two-counts of Fail to Register as Sex Offender, CBPD warrant charging Failure to Appear on original charge of Harassment, and two new charges of Fail to Register as a Sex Offender. He was transported to the Coos Co. Jail at Coquille.

Its sad you MUST be one of his pathetic Exs I wonder which crackwhore you are?? The one that’s with the registered pedophile Nolan Stanfill , Or one of the ones with 10 kids by 10 different dads?? Funny how you seem absolutely obsessed with him. Don’t you think its time you moved on by now loser?? Im sure if we looked into your closet we would find all kinds of garbage wouldn’t we??? Again move on Loser!!!!

Wow, I remember that little sawed off shitbag from my high-school days. He used to troll Pony Village for high-school girls. He had to have been at least 40 back then, bragging about his band and all the money he makes. Lol. I should have figured he was registered when I heard he had propositioned a couple of the guys in the restroom. What a loser. WAY TO GO COOS COUNTY! Why do all the pedos end up here? Smfh

To COOSCRUISER youre a complete idiot just like all the others that post on here!!! Bet your punkass wouldn’t have the ballz to say anything to his face!! Its funny how people can take a 20 year old mistake a man makes and turn him into a pedo fkn morons this page was made by a crackwhore ex of his whos just mad cause her life is worthless… Ya im sure hes made mistakes and done things hes not proud of but who hasn’t? Ive been with the man for 4 years and hes been nothing but a wonderful person, hes changed everything about himself and he laughs at the ignorance of this page… Ask the cunt who made this site how she spends the child support that he pays monthly.. Does she still use it to buy meth? hmmmm …. And hes always willing to show anyone his “Paperwork” then when their done reading it they can eat their teeth so sick of closeminded faggots that talk about shit they don’t have a clue about.. Get the facts assclown b4 your mouth… Lets look in your closet those who let pedo fall out their mouths usually have a few things to hide themselves!!! And what were you trollin for seems like if you saw him somewhere ALL the time sounds like you were up to something hmmmm… Moron!

And just to clarify the facts YES he has a sex offence that stems from having a 17 yr old girlfriend back when he was 20 yrs old in California and He has NEVER denied nor hidden it from anyone…. And that is the ONLY thing in his record that would be considered a bad thing and fuck anyone who thinks they couldn’t make that same mistake when they were younger!!!! Open your eyes idiots and try to see the world for what it is and get a life trollin a lame site like this hiding behind a keyboard that bashes someone is bitch shit… If I had 1 wish id wish that all the things you people type could happen to you 100Xs over… And when I figure out how to sue this site ill be suing all the people that have posted on here since all they do is allow people to tell 1/2 truths and lies, He pays his child support and its funny you don’t see those posts…

Um.. having sex with a person under the age of 18 years-old is a felony. This is why you were arrested for it. And no, no one else made that mistake (save other sex offenders) which is why they all (including this sawed off little gnome) appear on the SexPred websites -in order to protect innocent minors, and women from accidentally engaging in contact with said offenders. Sue for slander? Go ahead, try that, so that we can execute the outstanding warrant(s) more effectively. We’d LOVE to get you within 20 feet of a court room. Unfortunately for you, you’d have to actually refute the fact that you’re in excess of an absurd amount in arrears due. That said, the above statements outlining the aforementioned arrests for sexual offenses – thank you for agreeing with the fact tat you were, in fact, arrested. You see, to file a claim for slander, you actually have to 1. prove the statements untrue and 2. prove damages. How could you possibly prove loss considering you “have no money to pay owed child support.” The dropshot zero listed in this profile is exactly that: someone who doesn’t pay his child support. Thankfully, the first amendment allows for freedom of speech and information. Best of luck with that civil action. We’ll be seeing you very soon…

PS: Any guy (or woman, for that matter) who has “paperwork” or has the propensity to “explain away” their past might be someone with whom a lady who demonstrates value such as yourself might not want to engage. Just food for thought.

Dear Maggiem you are another idiot who has no clue nor a life, If you read my posts (assuming your fatass can read) It says he admitted to his mistake and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with owing $ for child support.. And fyi you dumb stupid cunt He is warrant free and doing nohing wrong so put that in your higher than mighty blown out fuckhole you stupid probably unwanted and unloved waste of sperm!!! Enjoy your crackhead life… Oh and he says he wishes 1 of you morons wold try n get your hands on him id like to see that myself.. Another keyboard warrior strikes again…

“…dumb stupid cunt…out fuckhole you stupid…” Thanks for the confirmation that you have the IQ of a throw rug and the attention span of a gnat. And your prompt response and attempted (rebuttal?) speaks volumes. Everyone can read between the lines. Everyone knows. Everyone can see that you’re likely one of the poor females he’s attempted to brainwash with his omissions and falsehoods which he spews-forth with absolutely zero ability to put two words together. No, alas, I am not one of his proverbial “crackheads.” Actually, I have never had the displeasure. I’m just a bored law student perusing the website on my downtime. However, upon reading his bio and stories, I was honestly floored by the concept that any female would sleep with this guy..for free. While I’m fairly confident that he is “warrant-free,” that is irrelevant. What is relevant, however, is this: Do you know why people (men) pursue women (girls, in his case) either far too young or old for them? Answer: because they can’t impress someone their own age. Having apparently violated someone far too much so his junior, resulting in the aforementioned felony and arrest(s) is rather revealing, wouldn’t you agree? Now, the man I’m dating happens to be close to 18 years my senior. I am, however, of legal age of consent. Had I been 17 years-old, then he’d have had nothing to do with me. What, exactly, could a 20 year-old man have in common with a 17 year-old girl? Common points? Parallels? Anything? Of course, not. This is why these statutes are in place: to protect those unable due to lack of maturity and age, to make well-informed decisions regarding sexuality. These statutes have been in place many years, and with good reason. That stated, are you certain that this is a person with whom you should associate? I wouldn’t, nor would any sane person I can possibly think of. This is the sort of lower common denominator you’ll find trolling apps such as Whisper, social networking websites and whatever serves as a virtual playground through which to prey. While this has nothing necessarily to do regarding child support, or lack thereof, it’s a stellar example of the behavior that reflects intention. That also said, I leave you with this: Seek help.

Because this website serves as an anonymous sounding board, I’ll be the first to take advantage of this rare opportunity which seemingly presented its self during my lunch break. This man described here, as do the majority of profiles logged and displayed within the pages of this website, appears to be a loser in every sense of the word. While I pride myself in being non-judgmental and open-minded regarding most things (and people, for that matter) this idiot has proven himself unworthy as a human being. Boasting a long laundry list of “mistakes,” it’s more than apparent that learning, or even taking anything remotely valuable so far as knowledge from said past mistakes, isn’t a part of this idiot’s existence, or abilities. Apparently, committing crime-after-crime is commonplace, and any potential repercussions or damage to the victim is simply an afterthought. it’s more than clear that this human being, and I use this term loosely, has absolutely no concept, nor care, regarding human life. You said it, yourself: He associates with crackheads. He uses drugs. He violates minors. How many “mistakes” is one allowed before you stop making concessions for them? How many 17 year-old girls have to suffer before you say, “enough?” How many times does one end up in the ‘I Didn’t Do It Wing’ of your local jail before you agree that they’re a loser? I have never met a criminal who wasn’t “framed.” I’ve also heard the old saying, “But your honor, she said she was 18,” far too many times to count. Mindless banter.

For someone who says the are practicing Law you sure are ignorant to it… I am assuming you must be studying to be a District Attorney,Sounds to me like you want to maybe punish men for what your daddy did to you growing up because id hate to see what a terrible attorney youd become.. You are calling someone a loser based on whiny ranting site that any moron with a keyboard can say what they want to while hiding behind a fake name or profile.. God job there Judge Judy… Id like to look into the closets of 99% of the whiners on here and see whats hiding inside.. If you knew even 1% of the way laws work youd know that 80% of society has or will even unknowingly break the law at least once in their lives and please by all meanstry to feede a line of B.S.about what you can find online aside from this site about his record….. You cant so shut the fk up already.. And fyi his name cannot be found in ANY registry records on his offence you ignorant soabs.. Since people want to judge what they read I find it odd that all is posted is wrong doings yet nothing on the mothers (FACTS) his daughters mother is a meth head who is engaged to a Convicted Predatory Sex Offender which we have photos f him with this mans daughter DHS has been made aware… His sons mother admitted to cheating with 3 men in 1 day on him and came crawling back only to get pregnant not like he ever wanted a child with either of those 2 women life can be funny that way…. Now lets see He has never Blamed any1 for his mistakes nor has he EVER hid the facts from any1 hes been with or his close friends.. What I find funny I the only thing people can whine about is a 20year old crime that theres no way to fix correct or erase, And whats even funnier is that he has never committed it since and he has always taken full responsibilty for his crime and as far as society should be concerned hes more than paid his debt to society therefore I see nothing but ignorance when it comes to bringing up over and over something that cant be changed…. Especially when it has absolutely nothing to do with child support.. And whats funny is people want to make posts like this that an employer could happen across possibly ruining his job possibilities leaving him unable to pay his child support etc… Way to go all you holier than thou morons I hope whatever youre trying to accomplish here pans out.. Its time for you idiots to look in the mirror I highly doubt any of you morons has any room to talk so do us all a favor and get over the fact that you have no lives go about your day thinking you are better than everyone else and take a nice dose of go fk yourselves you self righteous ignorant soabs… Oh and I truly hope Maggiem that you someday heal from your daddy issues…

Mr Applegate must be the actual writer of the betterthanu ramblings. No female in her right mind would ever refer to him as a “man”. Its funny how he constantly instructs people to look in their own closets, like he’s trying to feel normal. Sorry dude, the shit that’s in your closet would make Jerry Springer gag… I suppose you might be normal in some back alleys of Coos county, but for the most part, you’re still nothing but a crusty zit on society’s ass.

Dr Wars manager, your cousin from the Hollywood Undead, your band Faded, your child support payments, your “paperwork”, your heterosexuality, etc… All bullshit, and it never ends. You are your own punishment for the things in your closet. You have to wake up every fucking day, look in that mirror and KNOW what a destructive lying perverted little piece of shit you really are. That, you little chunk of rotten sperm, is a much worse sentence than a judge could ever give you.

And Truthteller you must be either another skanky ex of his or some local douchebag who thinks his shit don’t stink.. LOL The ignorance of you people is amazing you whine cry and bitch about someone who isn’t bothering you or anyone else and No I am a woman and No before you go letting some stupid shit fall out your mouth I am well aware of any and all B.S. He has done said or may do in the future.. That being said Who the FUCK are you to type? Just another scared little faggot or fat cunt hiding behind a keyboard… As I said before get off these high n mighty kicks you all are on and leave shit be or come on by and lets handle it.. Either way fuck off.. That goes for anyone who thinks they are better than everyone else Bring it don’t sing it bitches…

Anyone else notice Betterthanu’s tendency to refer to anyone who dare contradict their deluded (and diluted) opinion of the mentioned, “must be an ex?” I think not, as the probability of this douche nozzle being able to receive attention from any woman for free is laughable. And again, I state the above with great confidence. Then again, they don’t seem to be able to communicate in written word beyond the ability of a dullard. For example, I never said that I was practicing law. I said that I was a law student. And in response to Betterthanu’s backhanded inquiry regarding my father: No, I don’t have “daddy issues.” That would imply that psychologically, I’d have a propensity to gravitate toward, and engage in dating, much older men who remind me in some way of my father. This man is such a treat… and is so far removed from any remote resemblance of my father, it’s not even worth a mention. When I begin dating men more than 45 years my senior, I’ll consider taking that comment under advisement, as my father was that age when I was born. I just love when unintelligent dregs of society play arm chair psychologist, based on what they’ve been exposed to due to poor choices in media outlets. I also noticed that Truthteller, along with the other posters including myself, was able to author a response absent of four letter words. But as my eyes glance over Betterthanu’s entries, what jumps out is, “shit…..fuck…fat cunt…faggot…” It’s an unfortunate trend in the vernacular of… I don’t even need to say it. Thank you for the help, Truthteller. I appreciate it. And agree re: he’d make ole Jer gag. ;)

This betterthanu person is clearly not better than anyone, and is a hypocrite. Don’t sit there and attack people for talking crap about someone they don’t know, when that is exactly what you are doing. Calling people that you don’t know filthy names to make yourself feel better does not make you a better person.

Betterthanu, if you are the woman that is going out with this guy you should keep better tabs of his Internet exploits. If you are the actual person pictured above, you should learn to cover your tracks a little bit better. LMAO. Somebody posted a screenshot of your Lancealot123 plentyoffish profile on Facebook last night. Talk about a loser, he had his age as 24! This guy is worthless. Whoever thinks this guy isn’t a cheater must be a special kind of stupid. And a response to your accusation that I was trolling Pony Village, I was in high school at the time, not a 40 year old wannabe gangster hitting on underage girls.

I just read in a Facebook group that this piece of shit is having another child. Wow oh wow! That is utterly flipping ridiculous. You would think the child support program would have insisted a snipping when he proved he couldn’t support the other half dozen kids he’s donated sperm to. What a fucking loser. Coos County’s finest! If this county wasn’t so broke he’d be behind bars for child support or sexual offender violations. This place has seriously gone to hell. Watch your back people, these idiots are taking this lawless County over.

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