Mr Bell—Sorriest of them all

Posted on : 28-09-2010 | By : nlance82 | In : Alabama, Deadbeat Dads


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Meet William DeWayne Bell AKA Blaze, the worlds biggest loser and sorriest baby daddy alive. He is from Greenville, MS .As you can see, he spends most of his time locked up and in the streets. He has 6 kids, mabye more, by 4 different women, and doesnt take care of any of them. He is also a woman beater, is an alchoholic, and has been rumored of sniffing cocaine as well. Has beautiful kids but he is such a monster. Grown man who cant even take care of himself. I wish I wouldve known before getting pregnant with my daughter…Very nasty and uncircumcised too!!! Hope he rots for leaving his kids fatherless!

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