Mr. Has better things to do! DANIEL LEE VICKERS

Posted on : 22-01-2011 | By : mlokvic | In : Deadbeat Dads, Michigan


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I had an amazing daughter with danny and instead of stepping up and acting like a father, he chooses to not be around, not help out with her and not see her.

I have given him plenty of chances to be in his daughters life, even after he strangled me on my birthday 3 weeks after having her… because he said he wanted to be around, but he never took them. Instead, he spends his time taking care of his g/f and her kids instead of taking care of his own!

I guess i always knew that i would be on my own with this one, at least ONE of us is responsible! For all the single moms out there, I must say that its probably better that they arent around! Keep up the good work and know that your not alone!


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Kudos on being a single mom! Keep your head up…we will have the last laugh when all this karma cathes up to these douchebags!

Not Cool!! Keep fighting for what you deserve, & the law says you should receive! The more deadbeats that get away with this, the more that think they can too!

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