Mr. I can’t afford that unless it’s for my girlfriend who is 10 years younger than me.

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Scott Campbell and I were divorced in 2002 and since that time our two daughters, now 12 and 15, have always been last on his list of priorities. At first he was what I like to call a Court Ordered parent. His communication with them was limited to what was court ordered, every other weekend, even though I have given him many opportunites to see the girls and have enouraged him to call them on days they were not with him. Not once has he done this. He lost his job two years ago and hasn’t even tried to get a new one. A few months ago our youngest needed glasses and both girls had dental bills totalling over $300. Of course he couldn’t afford to help but is at this very moment living it up in Las Vegas with his girlfriend. At Chirstmas he wouln’t even buy our youngest a $2 box of candycanes but a few weeks later our youngest read his girldfriends bragging facebook post about the new laptop he had bought her. Over the summer our daughter called to ask if she could come over for the day and he said no because girlfriend had a job interview, she doesn’t drive, and he had to take her. At the same time the “job interview” my daughter saw girlfriends facebook post with pictures stating that they were at the Ram for happy hour and for people to come join them.

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